Top 5 Tips for Car Shipping in Winter

Top 5 Tips for Car Shipping in Winter
Published on October 20, 2022

Shipping a car during winter comes with many risks and challenges. Unexpected weather conditions, including rain, snow, storms, and freeze, are always sources of stress for car owners. So, everyone tends to postpone their vehicles’ shipment until the weather settles down; however, there’s no chance for delays in some cases. Here comes the real challenge, how to ship a car during winter without causing any kind of damage to it? That’s by suitable preparations. 

Many factors contribute to the safe and stress-free car shipping process; however, adequate planning is one of the most important. Preparing your car for shipping is the first step that guarantees your vehicle arrives at the required destination unharmed. Preparing a car for a shipment during winter requires extra precautions and many considerations. So, you better take your time on it and not skip any part of the preparations. 

1. Prepare Your Car

Despite the challenges of car shipping in winter, efficiently preparing your car can contribute to a successful and safe trip.

So, consider the following car preparation tips:

A. Clean your car inside out

Whether you will be transporting your car with open or enclosed car shipping method, cleaning it inside out is a must. Spotlessly cleaning the vehicle will reveal all scratches, dents, or dings on the car’s body. You will be able to develop a crystal-clear idea about the car’s current state, so you can compare it with the post-shipping one and note any additional damages. 

B. Check the antifreeze

Antifreeze has a crucial role in regulating the engine during extreme temperatures, and it prevents fluids from freezing inside the radiator when the temperature drops below zero. So, ensure your antifreeze has not deteriorated, so it can achieve freezing-point depression efficiently and keep your car’s engine working safely. 

C. Check the car battery

Unfortunately, cars’ batteries die faster in winter. So, before the shipment, you have to ensure that terminals are tight and there are no signs of corrosion. Remember that loading and unloading the vehicle might cause problems because battery malfunctions cause delays and possibly higher fees.

D.  Lubricate

Lubricate door locks, trunk locks, and all the hinges with a strip spray to make opening the door smoother even if the weather is freezing.

E. Check the window seal

Leaving car windows open will expose it to harsh weather conditions. So, the seals should be tight for the window to be rolled fully up. A moisture absorber might seem like an old-school trick, but it will keep the moisture level in the vehicle under control. Hence, you can prevent condensation problems inside the car during the car’s long road trip.

F. Record existing damage

Your car will undergo a long, risky trip, so you have to take all precautions to avoid unwanted troubles. Documenting your car’s pre-shipping state by taking videos and pictures will ensure you and the transportation company can spot new damages easily and take advantage of the insurance coverage. 

2. Research the Best Car Shipping Companies

Hiring a trustworthy company can minimize car transport risks and ensure your car gets the safest shipment. A reliable car transport company must work in compliance with the law, have long years of experience, a professional customer service team, and a long list of positive feedback from past clients. Tempus Logix is a leading car transport company that puts safety and efficiency as a top priority in shipping cars against any weather conditions. 

3. Choose the Right Carrier

Even though car transport comes with different options, enclosed carriers are the safest and most suitable method for car shipping in winter. This method provides higher protection and safety levels than open carriers. An enclosed carrier provides a 360 level of protection to your dear car, protecting it from external harsh weather conditions and road hazards.

4. Prepare for Changes and Avoid the “Holiday Rush.”

Like any other industry, car transport depends on supply and demand. Therefore, it has peak and low seasons. And even though most people tend to avoid auto transport during winter due to the risks and unexpected weather conditions, there are some times of the year when people have no option but to use the help of auto transport companies.

These times involve holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. people usually visit their families in other states or take advantage of the vacation and plan a trip; companies’ schedules get increasingly crowded, and chances of finding a carrier are rare. So, you have to be prepared and place your order as early as possible. You also have to be prepared to pay extra fees, as car transport during winter is more costly than at other times.

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In a Nutshell

Transporting a car during winter isn’t a very welcomed idea by anyone. However, taking the right precautions and keeping all the tips mentioned above in mind will guarantee your vehicle arrives at the required destination safe and sound.

In addition, hiring the right auto transport company is another key to a successful shipping process. Keep Tempus Logix in mind and request your car shipping quote from the free cost calculator.

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