Driving Electric Vehicles Across the United States

Driving Electric Vehicles Across the United States
Published on September 2, 2023 at 2:57 pm GMT

With the frightening consequences of global warming, air, water, and noise pollution, fossil fuel cars are becoming less acceptable and are being replaced by an eco-friendly version, electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles impose many financial and environmental benefits, and they’re the new car trend that will replace fossil fuel cars sooner or later. However, even with their publicity and good reception by many, there are still lots of question marks on how reliable electric vehicles are and if they’re eligible for the long drives that regular fossil-fuel cars undertake without the smallest damage.

So, in this article, we will answer the question that might be roaming all EV owners, “Can I drive an electric car across the United States?”

What is an electric car?

Unlike gasoline or diesel-powered engines, an electric car uses an electric motor powered by batteries. EVs are partially or fully powered by electric power, and they come in many types:

  • Battery Electric Vehicles: They only employ a battery, so there’s no fuel consumption; it’s an eco-friendly, safe, and quiet option. Charging this kind of vehicle is possible by plugging it in.
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles: They consist of an engine and a motor; fuel supplies the engine with energy. This type of electric vehicle has a low dependence on fossil fuels and is eco-friendly.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: This type of electric vehicle supports both an onboard charger and a gasoline tank. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle emits zero emissions and is fuel efficient.

Can you drive an EV across the United States?

There’s no definite answer on whether or not an electric car can travel across the states. As mentioned above, EV types are many, and some are eligible for long drives on a single charge while others aren’t; range and charge maintenance differ from one electric vehicle to another.  

But no matter which type of electric vehicle one owns, they have to plan for the trip ahead. Many smartphone apps enable car owners for their trips by considering the drive’s length, the passengers’ number, and the luggage weight. These apps also point out available charging points along the trip. 

Tips for driving an electric car for long distances

The precautions required for driving an electric vehicle for long distances aren’t the same as operating a fossil-fuel regular one. Rather, additional proper standards are needed. Here are some:

1.      Take good care of the battery

A battery is the keystone of any electric vehicle; once it’s healthy, a car will operate safely and efficiently. So, a car owner has to take good care of their electric car’s battery, and that by:

  • Regularly charge it and never leave it empty,
  • Recharge the battery only to 80%,
  • Park it in a warm area in cold weather, as low temperatures affect a battery’s health and might even shorten its life span,
  • Cool down after a long, enthusiastic drive,
  • Don’t push the engine too hard.

2.      Book a charge point

There are many electric vehicles on the road, and they will keep stopping for regular charges. So, charging points might be overcrowded. And since charging an EV’s battery from 20% to 100% takes 25 minutes minimum, the waiting time will be long. So, it’s better to book a charge point in advance; trip planning apps can be very helpful in such cases. 

3.      Watch out for the speed.

With fuel-based cars, the faster a vehicle goes, the more fuel it consumes. And with EVs, the faster a car goes, the more energy it expends. Driving at a very low speed isn’t highly recommended; one has to keep an eye on the speed meter and maintain a balance.

4.      Reduce the car’s weight

The more a car weighs, the more energy is needed to run it. Unnecessary luggage and additional weights will waste energy and compel drivers to charge their vehicles more often. 

5.      Hire a reputable and experienced auto transport company

Not everyone knows about that, but auto transport companies specialize in fossil-fuel cars; they can also transport all types of electric vehicles. So, if a car owner travels long distances using their EV, hiring an auto transport company is recommended, as it will ensure their vehicle’s safety and save them money and time. 

But car owners must remember that transporting an electric car requires more licensing, expertise, and tools than a regular car usually needs. As a result, one should look for a highly experienced and reputable company in transporting electric vehicles.

Tempus Logix is a highly professional and reputable auto transport company that has been a premium name in the industry for over eight years. It has the most seasoned team of drivers and sophisticated auto transport carriers.

The bottom line 

Driving an electric car across the states is possible by taking the proper precautions and efficiently planning for the long trip. However, if possible, the ultimate option that will save car owners trouble, money, and effort is hiring an auto transport company. By that, car owners can rest assured that their electric cars will stay safe and sound for the most affordable price.

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