Alabama Auto Transport Companies

Alabama Auto Transport Companies
Published on June 10, 2022 at 3:03 pm GMT

Alabama is the home of the three leading automobile producers, Mercedes-Benz U.S International (MBUSI), Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA), and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. So, many people might consider transporting a car to or from Alabama. If you’re one of those and still concerned about the process, here’s everything you need to know about Alabama auto transport companies. 

How to hire the best Alabama auto transport company?

Conduct research

It’ll be challenging to find a trustworthy company to haul your car from one state to another. However, this decision is vital and will determine if you will pick up your vehicle fast and safely. So, don’t immediately settle for the first Alabama auto transport company that pops into your screen. Take your time and read everything about different companies.

It would help if you obtained the company’s MC (motor carrier) number and looked for it on the FMCSA website. This step is essential to verify that the company has the permission to transport vehicles across the state, and it’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the company.

Use the car shipping cost calculator

Many Alabama auto transport companies provide a free cost calculator service for possible clients on the website. This tool helps car owners to form an initial idea about the car transport quote. It will save plenty of time and help you decide on the most convenient selection. However, you have to keep in mind the cost an online calculator generates isn’t the final fee you will pay, as many unpredictable events may occur. Yet, it’s a rough estimation.

Compare quotes

Most clients get attracted to the Alabama auto transport companies that impose a low fee for the haul, so they instantly book the service. But it’s worth noting the shipping process is costly in all aspects, starting from the fuel a truck consumes during the trip to the effort devoted by the team.

That’s why very cheap services are unreliable. However, that doesn’t mean that over-priced services are the only safe option. Many Alabama auto transport companies guarantee the best service for a manageable fee. So, you have to acquire quotes from many companies, compare the service quality to the charged price, and decide accordingly.

Tempus Logix is an affordable vehicle transportation company with years of experience shipping all types of vehicles across the states. The company has a success record of over 30,000 transported vehicles. The company’s website offers an online car shipping cost calculator to estimate car shipping costs.

The cheapest options

If you want to economize and lower the car transport costs, consider the following:

  • Don’t ship your car in the peak season, summer.
  • Go for an open trailer.
  • Go for terminal-to-terminal service.
  • Make sure you’ve hired the right Alabama auto transport company.
  • Be flexible about the delivery time.


After researching the available Alabama auto transport companies and finding the most suitable quote, you should wait no more. The sooner you book the service, the sooner the car arrives.

Shipping classic and luxurious cars in Alabama

Most Alabama auto transport companies provide shipping services for classic and luxurious cars. So, if you have a fancy car and want to transport it to another state, you got to follow the steps mentioned above precisely.

However, you cannot economize by going for an open trailer in that case. Enclosed trailers are the most secure option to protect expensive cars from possible damage. Because in some exceptional cases, Alabama’s humid subtropical climate might affect the car’s paint and tire. Additionally, collisions with other vehicles might result in scratches and damages that could be affordable to fix in an ordinary car, however, costs a fortune for a fancy car. Even though a little more costly, an enclosed trailer will save you money and stress.

Read more about the advantages of enclosed auto transport.

The car’s trip from a state to or from Alabama

The car’s transport trip will begin after accepting the most convenient quote to your budget and car state.


When it comes to the car’s pickup, someone must hand the truck driver the car’s keys and sign the releasing report. The pickup location differs depending on the service you went for. For example, if you booked the door-to-door Alabama auto transport service, the trailer will pick up your car from the nearest point to your home, work, or company.

On the other hand, the Alabama auto transport company will assign two specific pickup and delivery locations if you choose the terminal-to-terminal service.


GPS tracking has emerged recently in the auto transport industry thanks to new technology and saved car owners considerable stress. You can track your car all through the trip.

However, even if a company doesn’t provide GPS tracking, you can still have direct contact with the carrier, who will keep you posted with updates about the weather conditions, traffic, and expectant delivery time.


Finally, when a vehicle arrives at its final destination, whether in Alabama or any other state, the company informs you that your car is on its way so you can hit the road to the terminal or home. Upon delivery, we advise all clients to inspect the vehicle inside out to make sure that no new scratch, rust, or damage has occurred during the trip.

In short

Transporting any car, no matter classic, fancy, or ordinary, isn’t dangerous nor costly if you know which Alabama auto transport company to collaborate with. By following the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to find the most trustworthy Alabama auto transport company.

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