Shipping Your Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Bolt

Shipping Your Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Bolt
Published on November 8, 2023

The future of transportation is electric, and with more and more people switching to EVs, it is important to know how to ship a car of the electric type safely and efficiently. Whether moving across the country or just shipping an EV to a new state, one can find many car shipping companies to handle the task without hassle.

This article discusses shipping Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Bolt across the country after introducing each’s special features.

Tesla Vs. Nissan Leaf Vs. Chevy Bolt

Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Bolt are popular models in the EV market, promoting fierce debates among audiences about the most efficient. As we will explore in these lines, each of the three models seems to have unique features that set it apart.

Tesla’s Features

Tesla’s most unique and popular features that have generated a lot of attention include:

  1. Autopilot: The Autopilot feature is a driver assistance system that enables automatic steering, accelerating, and braking. The system also features a premium full-self-driving add-on that is still under experiment. Some of its capabilities include changing lanes and recognizing stop lights and stop signs.
  2. Dog mode: The Dog mode adjusts the car’s temperature to suit animals inside the car and save them from overheating. The feature even allows users to watch their animals while left inside the car by transferring a live feed from the cabin camera to the Tesla app.
  3. Frunk: The Frunk is Tesla’s most innovative feature that many competitors were eager to copy in their later models. This feature is similar to the back truck in any vehicle, but it is in the front of the car instead of the rear section.

Nissan Leaf’s Features

The unique features of the Nissan Leaf electric car are the following:

  1. The Nissan Leaf produces zero tailpipe emissions, meaning owning one saves users from the hassle of oil changes and tune-ups. It also contributes to a more peaceful driving experience.
  2.  Nissan Leaf is a 100% electric vehicle with a powerful drivetrain that maximizes the thrill of its instant acceleration. Its floor-mounted battery pack allows an excellent ride and smooth handling, especially when driving through the twists and turns.
  3. Charging a Nissan Leaf is as simple as powering a smartphone.

Chevy Bolt’s Features

Besides being among America’s most affordable EVs, the Chevy Bolt has many exceptional features, mainly outstanding efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and dynamic style. Its electric range is estimated at 259 miles. Besides, the Chevy Bolt provides additional premium add-ons, like One Pedal Driving, Regen on Demand, and Sport Mode.

Shipping Your Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Bolt

Learning how to ship a car of the electric type, whether a Tesla, Nissan, or Chevy, safely and efficiently is crucial when considering relocating one across the country. Shipping cars from state to state, though offering convenience and peace of mind, is a sensitive process that requires considering many special considerations.

Among these considerations are practices particularly associated with shipping electric vehicles, like choosing the right shipping method and carrier and protecting the battery pack.

Choosing the Right Shipping Method and Carrier for an EV

Many different car shipping carriers and methods are available to accommodate different vehicle types and meet their unique needs. The following methods are the most reliable for shipping an EV like the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Bolt:

  1. Flatbed trailers: These trailers are low on the ground level and have no sides, providing a smooth EV loading and unloading experience, especially for cars with low-ground clearance. Flatbed trailers allow for easy navigation of vehicles while placing them on top of the carrier and are also ideal for cars with special dimensions.
  2. Open car shipping: Shipping electric cars with open-air carriers is common for those less expensive and made for everyday use. This method is more affordable for shipping an EV across the country but exposes the vehicles to road debris and external elements.
  3. Enclosed Car Shipping: The best way to ship luxury electric vehicles safely and without hassle is by using enclosed, fully-covered carriers. Besides providing optimal protection for the cars, they also hide them from the public and maximize privacy and security.

Protecting EV’s Battery Pack during Shipping

Shipping the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, or any other electric car requires choosing a professional car shipping company that handles their battery pack appropriately. Professional car shippers follow specific safety practices that ensure optimal battery protection, including:

  1. After loading the EV to the shipping carrier, car shippers carefully secure and fasten the battery pack so it won’t move around during transport. They use straps, chains, or other effective devices to keep the battery in place.
  2. Car shippers also use insulated covers or special shipping containers to protect the battery pack from external elements during shipping.
  3. Monitoring the battery pack throughout the journey is crucial to check whether it is still securely fastened and track its temperature, voltage, and other critical signs. Car shippers can use sensors and other battery monitoring systems or check the battery regularly to ensure its safety.

Tempus Logix is a top-rated car shipping company with over eight years of experience shipping all vehicle types. The company has a professional network of carrier drivers licensed and adequately insured to ship an EV.


The Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Bolt are all highly efficient electric vehicles that have transformed how we interact with transportation facilities and taken users’ experience to unprecedented convenience and comfort.

Owners of these high-end cars must know the safety practices to maintain their pristine, attractive look and professional performance, especially when shipping them across the country.

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