Massachusetts Auto Transport Companies

Massachusetts Auto Transport Companies
Published on September 16, 2022

The diverse economy, rich history, and business districts make Massachusetts a dreamland to relocate to. However, relocating, in general, is very demanding and costly; you will be moving your furniture and possessions, renting a new house, and booking a trip. So, you would appreciate any way to save your money.

After reading this article, you can ship your car to Massachusetts in the most economical way; thus, you’ll save yourself the burden of driving your vehicle along the way and the unexpected costs. How do you transport your car to Massachusetts lowest price? Find a trustworthy Massachusetts auto transport company and go for an open auto transport trailer. 

What is an Open Trailer?

An open trailer is the most common means of auto transport. It’s a truck with a trailer and has no walls and no roof. An open trailer usually has two levels and fits up to eight cars.

Pros of Open Auto Trailer


Relocating is expensive in all aspects, and it always breaks the budget. So, you will not be keen on spending any penny in vain. Open trailers are economical and affordable; they guarantee that your vehicle arrives in Massachusetts safely and without breaking the bank.

But it would be best to remember that the auto shipping cost is affected by many factors, including the distance, your car’s pick-up state, and the shipment type you go for (door-to-door or terminal to terminal.)

To make the best of the open trailer and save more money, make all the maintenance to ensure that your car is in a good state, and go for the terminal-to-terminal service. 


More than 90% of trailers on roads are open trailers. So, all Massachusetts auto transport companies must have many open trailers in their fleet. It means that no matter whether you placed your auto shipping order late or early, many open trailers will be ready to serve you. The case is not the same regarding enclosed trailers, as most Massachusetts auto transport companies have only a limited number. 


Unlike what most people believe, an open trailer is an entirely safe transport means. The only difference between an open and an enclosed trailer is that the enclosed one will shield your car’s body and protect it from external elements such as dirt, dust, and debris, in addition to weather factors such as rain or sun. However, if the weather is good, an open trailer will secure your car and deliver it to the drop-off location safe and secure.

Read about Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping.

Cons of Open Auto Trailer 

Not shielded

As mentioned before, an open trailer will expose your car’s body to all threatening and dangerous elements. So, it won’t be your safest bet if the weather is rainy or snowy.

Your car’s body might get damaged, the engine might stop working, and the battery might die, particularly if the distance from point A to point B is long. The longer the distance, the more the threats. In addition, having your car unsheltered on an open trailer will increase the possibility of theft. 

Not suitable for all cars types

Suppose you have a luxurious or classical car; an open trailer is never an option. High-end vehicles require special care and complete protection, as a little stone might cause dramatic harm to your car. But an open trailer doesn’t grant this advantage, as it has no roofs, walls, or temperature control. 

The insurance doesn’t cover road hazards

Many people are encouraged to hire an open trailer believing that the insurance Massachusetts auto transport companies pay out will cover any damages. But the truth is that auto shipping insurances don’t cover any damage caused by debris, road hazards, or weather conditions. 

Best Massachusetts Auto Transport Companies

Shipping your car on an open trailer could be a successful and stress-free experience only if you hire the right, reputable, and experienced Massachusetts auto transport company. Here’s how to find the company you can trust your car with blindly.

Test the customer service

Customer service is the first contact between a Massachusetts auto transport company and clients like yourself. That’s why the quality of customer service is as important as the shipping service. Good employees mirror the company’s standards and rules. If they collaborated with you efficiently and professionally, the company is probably worth a shot.

Check customers reviews

Excellent customer service is a good sign for a trustworthy auto transport company but isn’t the only one. Next, you must visit the company’s website and read previous clients’ reviews and feedback on the service quality.

Clients never lie and are always willing to share a good or bad experience with a Massachusetts auto transport company. So, the reviews section will give you a clear insight into the service quality and if it’s trustworthy or not.

Visit the company’s website

Usually, auto shipping companies have comprehensive websites full of information about the shipping process and all relevant instructions. You can find out more about the company by checking its blog, recent news, and the quality of its website content.

Tempus Logix offers an online AI-based auto transport quotation tool. It will ask you a couple of questions about your auto shipping request and provide an instant quote.


An open trailer is a safe, inexpensive, and time-saving shipping service. So, if your car isn’t luxurious or classical and the trip is relatively short, an open trailer is the wisest call. Ensure you hire a good Massachusetts auto transport company by following our tips.

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