The Safest Way to Ship a Car from California to Hawaii

The Safest Way to Ship a Car from California to Hawaii
Published on September 21, 2022

The attractions in Hawaii are limitless, and no matter whether you’ve been there before or it’s your first time, there will be a lot to do and more to see. So, to make your life easier and your vacation more relaxed, having your car with you is reasonable.

But as your vacation is on an island, driving there isn’t an option in our world. Hiring an car transportation company to get the job done is the only option. We understand how bad people’s impressions of port-to-port shipping are; so we’ve gathered the top tips to ensure your car’s safe journey to Hawaii.

1. Hire an Auto Transport Company

Hawaii is an island, and its territories are one of the most distant and isolated places in the US. So, there’s no way your car will reach its destination with the help of an auto shipping company.

Hiring a reputable shipping company is the safest way to ship your car from California to Hawaii and enjoy a relaxing vacation. The company will haul your vehicle on the back of one of its ships and set sail to the paradise of the US.

But, to guarantee your car arrives at the end destination safely. You must ensure the shipping company you hire is experienced in transporting vehicles to Hawaii at the required time. Tempus Logix has completed many car shipments to Hawaii and many other islands by planning the best routes and hiring the most seasoned teams of drivers.

However, even if you hire the most reputable and professional auto shipping company, there are still many things to consider to safely ship a car from California to Hawaii.

2. Rent a Car Container 

After finding the best auto shipping company to hire, you should start making decisions about your car’s trip. Just like road shipping has two carrier options, open and enclosed, maritime transport has many options.

The auto shipping company will probably give you two options for shipping your car from California to Hawaii, roll-on roll-off (RORO) shipping or container car shipping. The RORO option revolves around rolling your vehicle on and off the ship instead of being lifted by a crane, and RORO shipping is considered the least secure way to ship a car overseas.

On the other hand, the car container is a steel box that could contain the vehicle inside safely, and it usually fits a car or two maximum. If you utilize a car container, your car will have a safer and more private journey. In addition, since the container is huge and will be closed and locked, you can fit some of your belongings in instead of carrying them around from California’s airport to Hawaii’s airport.

3. Go for Door-to-Door Shipping

There are two main ways to deliver cars to their owners after the transporting ship unloads the cargo. Some cars stay in storage facilities near the port until owners pick them up, and others go directly to their owners’ house on a trailer’s back.

The latest way, door-to-door shipping, is the safest way to deliver your car, as it will be secured on an open or enclosed trailer and not exposed to any road dangers (read also open vs enclosed auto transport). So, if you want to ship your car from California to Hawaii safely and ensure it won’t get harmed, go for a door-to-door shipping service and avoid terminal-to-terminal.

If you go for the door-to-door shipping service, you will ease your mind and protect your car. And the best part is that you won’t be compelled to leave Hawaii’s turquoise ocean or sun-drenched beaches to pick up your car and drive it back to the hotel. Instead, your vehicle will arrive at your accommodation effortlessly.

Read about Door-to-Door Auto Transport vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping.

4. Prepare Your Car

A long journey is waiting for your car. So, it better be well prepared and ready. As a first step, you have to clean your vehicle spotlessly and ensure that you’ve taken all the dirt and mud off.

A clean wash is a must before shipping a car anywhere, as it will show all your car’s imperfections, including dents, scratches, and others. When everything is clear, you can document your car’s pre-transporting state by taking pictures and videos.

Hence, you have sufficient proof if any accident harms your car and claim insurance coverage. Then, you must ensure your vehicle is operating properly and has no oil leakage or overfilled gas tank. Your gas tank should be ¼ only full to avoid adding to the car’s weight. This fuel is enough to start the car and drive it if the carrier needs to move it anywhere, and it won’t add to your shipping cost.

Emptying your car from belongings and precious items is a must in the case of the RORO shipping service. However, if you rent your container, there’s no need to take anything out.


Shipping a car from California to Hawaii isn’t as complicated. All you must do is hire a dependable auto transport company and go the extra mile by stretching your budget a bit. Follow the tips mentioned above, and your car’s trip will be a peace of mind.

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