Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping
Published on March 11, 2020 at 8:21 pm GMT

Before asking for a quote from a vehicle transportation company, most people have to think twice about whether they can trust them or not. There will be a lot of questions running through their minds.

But mostly they ask the most important questions like:

Well, we are here to answer your questions, and we are surely going to get you the right transportation with the right car transport company that your vehicle needs.

Answers to Car Shipping FAQs

  • Is my vehicle insured during transportation?

Tempus Logix is a brokerage company, we work with a big network of car carriers, and of course fully insured ones. We will not give your vehicle to non-trusted car movers; we always make sure that they are insured and up for the duty.

  • When is the vehicle going to be picked-up?

After you ask for a quote and book with us, we start searching for the perfect car moving company with an available driver for your vehicle in the pick-up area. When it is assigned, we will give you an estimated date and time for the pickup. The driver will call to give you prior notice or to give you an open window.

  • When will my vehicle be delivered?

When you place an order, you will receive an estimated date between the pick-up and delivery. This will give you a window to prepare yourself to receive your vehicle. We put estimated dates because it depends on the distance, traffic, weather conditions, etc. It may be possible to deliver your car faster than estimated sometimes. 

  • Can I put stuff in my car when I ship it?

Of course, you can ship car and belongings together, but the weight should be less than 100 LBs, and be below the window level, or in the trunk. In case of there being more than 100lbs, the car moving company might charge a dollar for each pound.

  • Can I track my vehicle online?

Live tracking isn’t available yet, but we will inform you as soon as there is any update about the shipment. Feel free to call us at any time you like to get updates. And of course, the assigned driver will communicate with you as well.

  • Why isn’t my car assigned/picked-up/delivered yet?

Sometimes the car shipping process has some delays in its duration, some problems with the car haulers’ truck and sometimes some changes with their schedule. So, in that case, we will call you to see if you agree with this situation. If not, mostly we are obligated to cancel with that specific car shipping service provider and start looking for a new one to assure the quick transportation of your car(s).

  • How does trucking a car work?

Usually, if the car is operable it’s easily driven onto the trailer by the driver and secured to ensure stability during the shipping process. 

  • What’s a reasonable cost to ship a car?

It really depends on what car you’re shipping, what type of transportation type will you be choosing and how long will the trip be. As transport companies charge more if your shipment’s pickup or delivery location is harder to reach. But auto transport services, in general, don’t seem to vary in cost that much.

  • Can I ship my car across the country?

Yes. As long as you stay within the US. We can easily ship your car to another state. Even when it’s from one coast to another. Cross country car transport is what most of the auto transport companies that we work with are used to at this point.

  • Can I ship a truck?

If by shipping a “truck” you mean pickup trucks, vans, or even any other big vehicles. Considering the fact that we also have a pretty big experience shipping heavy equipment and such, we can confidently say yes. 

  • How do I request auto transport quotes?

You can easily request one by just calling us, requesting a quote through our website, email, text or even the chat we have available right when you go to our website. You can even request different types of quotes, say one for open car transport and one for enclosed car transport, to see which one you like best.

  • Is a cheap car shipping safe?

It really depends on how valuable the car is and how much you want to spend. But if we were to advise you on how much is considered too cheap, go for the company whose quote is not a “steal”. As auto transportation service is not the expense you want to save a lot off of.

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