Washington Auto Transport Companies

Washington Auto Transport Companies
Published on September 22, 2022 at 2:07 pm GMT

Washington state, named after the first US president, George Washington, gives you many reasons to love it. It has a fascinating environment, plenty of job opportunities, and an excellent high-level education at Washington University.

Washington university is one of the best places to study in the US, and its tuition fee is reasonable. And not long before, the Washington government slashed the costs by 15%-20%. If you’re a lucky student about to start the university journey in Washington, this article is for you. Here’re the top tips for moving to Washington.

1. Get to Know Washington

Moving to a place you know nothing about will be exhausting. You will have no idea about the best diners for fast food and don’t know where to hang out with your friends; you will be completely lost. So, it would help if you get to see the state you’re moving to before you’re there.

Use Google for recommendations and get to know all the supermarkets, restaurants, and parks nearby your accommodation. By that, you won’t feel stray, but you will know exactly where to go and how to spend your leisure time. When you’re familiar with your neighborhood, you will be able to explore Washington on a larger scale.

2. Try to Make Friends

Being alone in a huge state like Washington will probably drive you crazy. You know nothing about the state and have no friends or acquaintances; it’s the perfect recipe for depression.

There’s a great life waiting for you as a college student, so you better start on the right foot. Search for students who have enrolled in Washington university like you, arrange a meeting with them, and try to make a friend or two.

Having friends before you’re already in Washington will help you dramatically. You can rent a house with those friends, attend classes together, and help each other to expand your social circles.

3. Find a Job

Many people believe that being a university student means being overwhelmed with classes, studying, and exams and having no free time. However, that’s not exactly the case. You will have so much leisure time and have to use it best.

Finding a job will enable you to be financially independent and enjoy a better lifestyle. Look for a job with flexible and adaptable working hours and a reasonable salary. It would also help you academically if you pursue a career path in the same field of your study.

You will gain enough experience and knowledge in your field that will enable you to have better job opportunities after graduation. So, it’s a long-term investment!

4. Buy a Car 

If you have enough money, buying your car should be on your university checklist. Having a car will make your life much easier, and you won’t need to wait for buses or be late for your classes stuck in subways.

In addition, if you have personal transportation, you can drive home and visit your family on vacations and special events as fast as your legs can carry you. Suppose you decide to purchase a car, there’re many things you have to give thought to, here’re some:

● Consider used cars

Since you’re a college student and most probably don’t have a fixed, regular income, buying a luxurious new car isn’t the wisest call. Used cars are nothing like what’s known about them; they aren’t garbage or 50 years old; they could be modern and economical vehicles, but of course, you should only know how to buy the best car.

Read about Best Cars for College Students

● Buy online

Shopping for a car online is the fastest and most effective way to find a suitable vehicle for your basic needs and tight budget. You will have a variety of options from all around the US to select from. Read more about the Pros and Cons of Online Car Buying.

Before delving into the online shops and finding the best car, there’re many things to remember. Your vehicle must be in a good state, affordable, fuel-efficient, and reasonably sized. These features will guarantee you won’t break your budget to maintain the car.

● Hire a Washington auto transport company

When finding the best car suitable for your money and expectations, you better wait no more and make the purchase. If you’re lucky to find a vehicle in the same state, you might pick it up and even use it to drive yourself to Washington.

However, in the event of the vehicle being out of state, you have to use the help of someone, a Washington auto transport company, for example.

A professional Washington auto transport company will pick up your car from the seller and deliver it to your house when you want. Reputable Washington auto transport companies offer very kind offers for college students and save you a good deal of money.


The life of a college student is nothing like you’ve ever thought; it’s way better. However, since you’re moving out of your house and state, you must go the extra mile with preparations and planning. Following the tips mentioned above will aid you greatly in your upcoming life and save you time and stress.

Tempus Logix offers all types of auto transport services across the US; Washington state is no exception. Visit the company’s website, get an instant, accurate quote online via the online shipping cost calculator, and contact the agents to arrange everything.

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