What are the Best Cars for College Students

What are the Best Cars for College Students
Published on September 21, 2022

Becoming a college student means taking the first step toward a life of independence, where you will be responsible for yourself and your life decisions. You’ve registered in classes, rented a house, and everything is ready for your new life. But there’s still something missing. If you want to enjoy your independent life, not need anyone, and rely only on yourself, purchasing a car is a must.

However, most college students get frustrated when finding the best car for their budget and simple needs. But this task won’t be hard after reading our article, as we’ve gathered the best tips to purchase the best car for college students.  

Look for a Used Car

Since you’re a college student and don’t have a basic income, you have to shrink your car’s budget as much as possible. Used cars for college students are the best and most affordable option, and you will get a decent car for a fair price without draining your bank account. 

Online car shops are the hub for great used cars; do your research, inquire about the cars available as much as possible, and ensure all the following features are included in your new vehicle. Before purchasing it, consider these key features.

1. Fuel economy

As mentioned above, having no constant income will be an obstacle between you and the car of your dreams. So, you have to fit all your car’s features into this limited budget you have.

Cars for college students shouldn’t burn much fuel, so fuel economy is one of the essential features you must ask about before saying yes to the car. Remember that fuel is expensive, and if you purchase a vehicle with a bad fuel economy, you won’t only be spending a fortune on fuel, but you will most likely pay a high car tax.

2. Accident history

A vehicle history report (VHRA) is an essential thing to ask about before making a purchase. Ordering a VHRA will require you to pay a fee, but it’s worth it. The history report will give you an insight into the kind of car you’re about to purchase and what problems you should expect to face.

Read the report thoroughly and look for red flags. Deal breakers in a used car are flood damages, irregular car maintenance, failed emission tests, and proof of major accidents. If any of the above mentioned issues were on the report, start looking for another because this car will be a headache.  

3. Size 

Even though a large car is cool and will grab attention each time you arrive at the college campus, it isn’t the best choice. The best cars for college students are small cars as they’re easy to park and maneuver, have more chances if you consider reselling them, and it has better gas mileage. Last but not least, small cars are mostly more affordable than large cars.

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Top Affordable Cars for College Students

1. Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is among the best cars for college students. It has a great interior fit and many driver-assist features, such as automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection, collision warning, and others. Furthermore, the Volkswagen Jetta is very fuel-efficient and budget-friendly. 

2. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra is another great car to consider for college students. It’s sleek, reasonably sized, and has some of the best fuel-efficient features. And if you’re considering having some fun night rides with your friends, the Hyundai Elantra’s generous backseat space will grant you the best experience.

3. Kia Soul

If you’re one of Kia’s fans, this car will allow you to enjoy a unique driving experience. Kia Soul is among the best cars for college students, as it has quality safety components, good mileage, sporty accents, and a distinct appearance to brag about. Moreover, the Kia Soul is also among the best cars to buy second-hand; it never gets old. 

How to Deliver Your Car?

When buying a car from an online seller, there’re many issues to handle. Among the tensest challenges is figuring out how to ship the car to college. Some college students prefer to pick up their vehicle in person no matter where it’s to save the costs of a shipping company. However, that’s not a wise call, especially if it’s in a distant location. 

Hiring an auto shipping company isn’t as expensive as most people believe, and they will offer you a reasonable quote if you find the most dependable and professional company.

In addition, some auto shipping companies offer special discounts for college students, and Tempus Logix offers very competitive discounts of up to 12% for students. If you engage with your friends to organize a car shipment together, they will offer you a more generous offer. Furthermore, you can cut costs by going for an open trailer instead of an enclosed one.

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The Bottom Line

Finding the best car for college students won’t be tedious if you follow the tips we put together for you. The golden advice is to shop online and look for used cars that are affordable, fuel-efficient and has a spotless history report. 

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