Ultimate Guide to Car Shipping for College Students

Ultimate Guide to Car Shipping for College Students
Published on May 23, 2022

Every year in August, the same scenario happens when college students head off to their schools all over the States. Many students have vehicles they need to ship to the campus during this time of year since their homes could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Some students may prefer to drive their vehicles to the campus, which consumes a lot of time and energy, while others save the weary by hiring an auto transport company. The truth is, vehicle shipping for college students is a wiser call than driving to the destination. But why?

There are many reasons why car shipping for college students is better than driving.

  1. Usually, students will pack many of their belongings in their cars, including laptops and clothes; only a few minutes away from their vehicles is enough to get these precious items stolen.
  2. Driving for long distances is an exhausting task, mainly if the driver isn’t used to going for long hours or days; it may increase the chances of getting into accidents due to fatigue. 
  3. Assigning the task of shipping vehicles to a specialized company is faster and safer, and the cost is reasonable compared to self-driving and booking hotel rooms along the way.

The Steps of Car Shipping for College Students 

There are many steps to avoid all risks and ensure the vehicle reaches its destination unharmed.

Hire the Best Shipping Company

Picking a reliable auto transport company may be confusing. There are plenty of them, making it difficult to choose only one. It takes a lot of time to research and compare all the results. However, some main factors play a significant role in the decision-making process. 

  • The company must be registered, and its MC number must be valid; it is recommended to contact the transport department to verify its legal condition. 
  • They should have all the required equipment to operate the transportation process efficiently, and the staff has to be experienced in the field.
  • Customer reviews are an effective method to evaluate the company’s work, and it tells a lot about how they are dealing with their clients. Keeping in mind that satisfying everyone is not possible, there will be negative feedback. The way the company responds to these comments can give the necessary information about how they are operating their business. 
  • Auto transport companies offer insurance that covers damage related to the moving process since no one predicts the future and accidents may happen. Students should ask the shipping company for their insurance details and what type of damage the company is willing to cover. 

Tempus Logix is an automobile transportation company with over 30,000 delivered vehicles across the United States and thousands of satisfied clients. Whether it’s car shipping for college students, valuable collectible cars, or heavy-duty equipment, the company covers efficiently transporting all kinds of vehicles.

Prepare the Car Before the Shipping

The client has to remove all personal belongings; auto transport companies have their restrictions regarding personal items, and they don’t take responsibility for any lost item.  

It is also important to empty the vehicle’s fuel tank leaving 1\4 of it, which is enough to drive the car during the loading and unloading process. Any additional fuel is unnecessary, and it means more weight, increasing the cost of car shipping for college students. Read more about Shipping a Car with Personal Belongings.

Calculate the Costs

When talking about shipping for college students, the cost does matter a lot; transporting prices vary from one situation to another; many factors can affect the total cost. 

  • The distance, for example, is one of them; it is reasonable that the further the destination is, the more it will add to the quotes.
  • The shipping time also plays a significant role in determining the transportation bill. Students have to decide on their booking schedule a few days or even weeks ahead to get the best price possible; the shorter the duration between booking the service and the predicted receiving date, the higher they will have to pay.  

Many car shipping companies offer an online auto transportation calculator to estimate the overall cost of shipping a car, and it’s a reasonable method to estimate the average price.

Document the Vehicle’s State

Documenting the vehicle’s pre-transport status is essential; the owners are responsible for the safety of their cars. Therefore, they must provide detailed documents about the vehicle’s condition, including all existing damage, fluids leak, and mechanical issues. In that case, the auto transport company will be responsible for any new damage during the shipping process. Learn more about what happens if your Vehicle is Damaged During Transport.

When the Vehicle is Finally Here

Car shipping for college students requires a lot of consistency and punctuality; the arrival date must be precisely determined. Students have to be on the campus before their car arrives to receive it and conduct a complete examination to make sure the car is in the same pre-transport condition and compare it with the documents prepared earlier. 


Car shipping for college students is quite challenging; millions of students head off to their schools at the same time every year, and the auto transport service should be booked a few weeks earlier if possible. Dealing with a trustworthy company is the critical factor that everyone should pay the most attention to; if the company is reliable, students will not have anything to worry about.

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