Top Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Car to Hawaii

Top Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Car to Hawaii
Published on August 25, 2022 at 10:44 am GMT

Hawaii, the paradise of the US, is the ultimate destination for a refreshing vacation. Furthermore, Hawaii is a large island, and the activities and attractions there are limitless. And since you decided on Hawaii for this year’s holiday, your trip must be perfect.

Setting a plan for the must-visit places and must-do activities isn’t enough, and you still lack the transportation means to enable you to do all that and more. Your car should accompany you on such a unique vacation, and that’s by shipping your car to Hawaii with the help of an auto transport company.

Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why you should ship your car to Hawaii.

Driving to Hawaii is Impossible

Since many people prefer driving their vehicles to their destination to save money, there’s no way to do so when heading to Hawaii. Aloha state, Hawaii, is one of America’s islands, and it’s located in the Pacific Ocean 2,000 miles from the mainland. So, if you want to have your vehicle with you during the vacation, shipping your car to Hawaii with the help of an auto transport company is the only way. 

The Cost is Reasonable

People reject the idea of car shipping to Hawaii when they know the transport company will ship by sea. Because everyone believes that shipping by sea is a big budget, but that’s not exactly the case. There are many ways to ship your car to Hawaii for a reasonable fee. For example, you can go for a Roll-on, Roll-off shipping service, “RoRo.” Unlike the lift-on lift-off, this service is very suitable if you want to ship your car to Hawaii for a reasonable cost.

Here’s how it works:

When your car arrives at the shipping port, drivers will roll it onto the ship and off at Hawaii’s port. If you live near the port that offers the shipping service, you can save more by driving your car there. Instead, if you live far off the port city, you can hire a trailer to pick up and drop off your vehicle at the port, where they will ship your car to Hawaii.

Whether you drive your car on your own or hire a trailer to deliver it, RoRo’s service is very economical and budget-friendly. 

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Safe Shipping Options 

Auto transport companies provide two carrier options when you want to ship your car over land. The first is the open trailer; it doesn’t offer complete protection to the vehicle, but it’s relatively cheap.

The other option is the enclosed trailer; it guarantees the utmost security to the cars for a higher fee. The same goes for vehicles shipping via freight. You will have two options: use the RoRo service, which is cheap and not entirely safe. Or to go for car shipping containers. This method is similar to the enclosed trailer; a steel container will house your car and keep it safe and secure during the journey. 

To Enjoy the Drive

Even though you can hop on a bus whenever you feel the vibe to explore Aloha, driving is a different experience. Having your car with you throughout the trip will give you complete freedom to go whenever and wherever you please. In addition, driving while breathing the sea breeze and sighting Hawaii’s enchanting landscapes is an experience that no one should ever miss. 

To Explore Hawaii’s Attractions

Aloha state is very rich in mesmerizing attractions and landscapes. And since you got there, you have to seize the chance to explore each part of Hawaii. Here are the must-see attractions in Hawaii:

Halawa Valley, Molokai

Visiting this landmark will give you an insight into what Hawaii looked like many years before, as it’s the oldest settlement in Hawaii. You will hike the Halawa Valley by having a tour led by members of the last remaining families, Philip and Greg Solatorio. They will tell you exciting stories about the valley as they’re the last Hawaiian descendants who lived and were raised there. You will also explore the valley’s waterfalls, ancient places of worship, taro ponds, and many others. It’s worth the long drive. 

Hana Road, Maui

When you ship your car to Hawaii, you should make the best use of it by driving along this breathtaking road. This memorable drive will allow you to explore Mui’s lush landscape and see the scenery of rainforests, waterfalls, wayside parks, and beaches. 

Maui Ocean Center, Maui

Maui Ocean Center is one of many significant landmarks in Hawaii. It’s a modern aquarium home to different types of marine animals and plants. You will have the chance to walk through an underwater tunnel surrounded by a thousand fish and sea plants; it will be a spectacular experience. 


Hawaii is one of the most incredible places to vacation in the US. But if you ship your car to Hawaii, your trip will be calmer and more enjoyable. Make sure you hire the right auto transport company to ensure that your vehicle will arrive in Hawaii safe and sound, just like in its pre-shipping state.

Tempus Logix offers comprehensive auto transport services across the United States. The company has already shipped over 30,000 vehicles nationwide, and you can find over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients who entrusted their cars to Tempus Logix and delivered them safely.

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