The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring an Auto Transport Broker in the US

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring an Auto Transport Broker in the US
Published on September 20, 2022 at 8:09 am GMT

The auto transport market is continuously growing, and shipping companies have become many. So, it’s typical for you to be puzzled and not know which is the most reliable company to trust your vehicles with.

The research phase will be tedious, it might continue for days, and you probably won’t be able to make a decision. But how about we tell you someone is willing to take this burden off your shoulders and find you a good auto transport company? Hire an auto transport broker

Who are Auto Transport Brokers?

Auto transport brokers are the ultimate answer for a safe, fast, and convenient vehicle shipping service. Brokers usually have larger networks and connections with all shipping services providers.

They delve deeply into the needs of their customers and what the provider offers and get all parties involved in the best deals possible. However, when using the help of a car transport broker, there are many things to keep in mind. Here are the ultimate dos and don’ts of hiring an auto transport broker.

The Do’s of Auto Transport Broker

Find the best auto transport broker

Because the auto transport broker will be responsible for your car’s shipping, they must be seasoned, from finding a reliable company to delivering your vehicle safely. Researching reputable and trustworthy auto shipping brokers is easy, as the good ones are few and popular in the market.

But even with that in mind, do your homework and ask Google and your friends for recommendations. Check reviews on the broker’s website and try to reach out to some of the previous clients to get a clearer idea about the service they’ve received and how satisfied they were. 

Do ask questions

As we’ve just stated, an auto transport broker is an experienced and long-practiced person who knows everything about auto transport processes from A to Z. So, no matter how many questions you have, don’t be shy. 

Usually, reliable auto transport brokers have a section for customer inquiries, where you can instantly communicate with real human beings from customer care. 

The Don’ts of Hiring an Auto Transport Broker

Go for the lowest price

When it’s such an expensive and precious belonging, compromising the price over quality will probably bring unpleasant outcomes. So, you must look for professional auto transport brokers who guarantee the safest and most stress-free shipping experience.

Gather as many options as possible and request auto shipping quotes from all, then make a rational decision based on your budget and the broker’s proficiency. But remember, quality is the number one priority. 

Confuse the broker and the carrier

The difference between car carriers and auto shipping brokers is that car carriers own their fleet of trucks and expert drivers. However, auto shipping brokers don’t have trucks and do not do car transport themselves; instead, they engage truck operators.

But even though brokers don’t have any trucks or vehicles, they can use their wide network to get matched with a trustworthy service provider willing to meet your needs on short notice. 

When to Hire an Auto Transport Broker?

Auto transport brokers would be of great help in some situations, and hiring one would save your life literally. Here’s when you must consider an auto shipping broker. 

If you’re the busy kind of people

If you’re one of those people whose days slip like sand through an hourglass, you would never get a chance to surf the internet and look for good shipping companies. As you will need to check customer service, ensure if the company is licensed by the FMCSA, if it has a DOT number, and the list goes long. However, when someone has done all that work before, it’s smart to use their help. 

You want someone to handle the details

The shipping process is complicated and requires a lot of paperwork and documents to comply with FMCSA regulations and rules. An auto transport broker will take care of all the legal issues and ensure you don’t need to do anything. You drop off your car, pick it up, sign the bill of Lading, and that’s all! As easy as that.

If you’re not a big fan of terminal-to-terminal shipping

When most auto shipping carriers make clients choose between terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door shipping, that’s not the case with brokers. When you fill in the quote request details, there will be no “terminal-to-terminal” option; the broker will give you the final cost, including the door-to-door fee. Yes, brokers strive to offer clients the most convenient service.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best auto transport company is no longer the hardest part of shipping your car, as hiring an auto transport broker will save you all the trouble. 

Looking for recommendations?

Tempus Logix has partnered with many trusted and reputable carriers across the country. Their brokers are also experienced and respectable and have worked with them to ship vehicles quickly and securely. The auto transport company has worked with many carriers to ship over 30,000 cars across the United States.

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