Best Cities to Spend the Christmas Holidays in 2022

Best Cities to Spend the Christmas Holidays in 2022
Published on November 30, 2022 at 9:01 am GMT

Christmas is one of the merrier times of the year, and people like to always celebrate this holy vacation in the most special way possible. Some like to keep it intimate with a family gathering, a Christmas tree, and sweet cookies. However, others like to take advantage of the holiday to treat themselves to a delightful trip to one of the top Christmas destinations in the US.

If you belong to the second group and seeking an outstanding place to celebrate Christmas in, look no more, as here, we gathered the best cities to spend the Christmas holiday in 2022:

1. New York

New York, the Big Apple, is the most popular city to spend Christmas in the US. Wind a scarf around your neck, put a wool hat on, and hold your hot chocolate cup, as NYC winter is one of the harshest. New York’s winter is the best setting for a magical, unforgettable Christmas vacation.

Watching the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is among the greatest activities that NYC has been known for for many years. In addition, you should never miss out on shopping in the charming Christmas markets all over the state, where you will get Christmas-inspired keepsakes, beauty products, clothing, jewelry, etc.

And what’s Christmas without some ice skating under the romantic Christmas lights? Absolutely nothing. New York boasts the best ice rinks in the US in both Bryant Park and Rockefeller.

2. Seattle

Bright lights become the theme in Seattle’s Christmas, and activities grow endless. Argosy’s Christmas Ship Festival is a ship-to-shore holiday activity that attracts tourists worldwide and in US states.

The ship, decorated with shimmery lights, isn’t only an outstanding attraction and hosts the best activities and cruises you will ever attend. You will enjoy an onboard community choir, a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and a full-service bar.

And if you’re looking for a fairy tale experience, there’s no better place to live than Seattle. Lumaze festival, with its illuminated castles, royal carriages, snowmen, and playgrounds, is a wonderland for all family members, adults, and children.

3. Asheville

Asheville is the greatest hub for celebrating Christmas. Baltimore, America’s largest residence, with its Christmas decorations and warm lights, is the perfect location for a memorable tour and a group of unforgettable pictures.

The Grove Arcade tree lighting ceremony near the popular fountain is another wonderful event that Asheville is known for. You will witness the switch over million lights flipping and enjoy Christmas music, a cup of cocoa, and a cookie.

Tips for a Smooth Christmas Vacation

1. Research your destination

There’re many other destinations to consider other than the ones mentioned above; options are many, and chances for bewildering are also many. However, once you settle for a place to spend the holy holidays, you have to take advantage of the time and try to get to know your destination as much as possible.

Being familiar with the available activities you will be engaging in, and the places you will visit will save you tons of time. In addition, by having a prearranged plan for the vacation, you will be able to explore your travel destination fully without wasting time or effort.

2. Take the earliest flight

There’s no joy killer more than arriving late to the party. And in such a crowded time of the year as the holidays, arriving late and missing out on the greatest Christmas moments is a regular occurrence. So, to avoid unpleasant scenarios like those,  you must decide on your vacation destination and book the flight as soon as possible.

3. Hire an auto transport company

A vacation could never be smooth without transportation means, and if you have a car, there’s no need to rent a vehicle or take a taxi. Whether you head to New York, Seattle, or California, your vehicle can spend Christmas with you.

And that’s possible by hiring a vehicle transport company that will pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the US and drop it back at your Christmas destination. But you have to remember that not all auto transport companies could be up to this job, especially during such a highly sensitive time of the year, Christmas.

So, ensure the service provider you hire is legal, experienced, punctual, and reputable. Tempus Logix summarizes all those advantages; it’s an outstanding company with great experience with transportation processes and schedules.

Its wide network of carriers distributed all over the United States is always ready to meet clients’ orders and guarantee their Christmas holiday is as smooth as possible. Tempus Logix will ensure your vacation isn’t messed up.

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The days of Christmas are among the happiest times of the year; however, making them even more special by planning a memorable vacation won’t hurt. Options are many when it comes to the Christmas holiday, and each person has different preferences.

Still, the key to a smooth, happy, and memorable vacation is researching the destination, booking ASAP, and hiring a reliable auto transport company.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!

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