Auto Transport Companies to Avoid

Auto Transport Companies to Avoid
Published on October 5, 2022 at 7:50 am GMT

A car is one of the favorite, most precious belongings a person owns; therefore, we always tend to make all car-related decisions carefully because we only want the best for our cars; for example, choosing a new paint color or changing the mechanic might take weeks of thinking.

When it comes to the major decisions, such as trusting someone to ship your vehicle for long distances, the challenge and stress will be at their peak. Finding the best company to hire will be intimidating, especially with a crowded market and many options available. So, to make this decision more manageable, we’ve put together the top characteristics of the auto transport companies you should avoid.


A license from the (FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the ultimate proof of a reliable car transport company. The US Department of Transportation is responsible for the safety of carriers, cars, and pedestrians.

It sets some rules and regulations to guarantee the safety of everyone and everything involved in the auto transport process. So, a company that doesn’t comply with the Federal laws and has no proof of its legitimacy, a license, or a DOT number will definitely not take good care of your car.

Shady Insurance Information

The law forces all auto transport companies to have insurance for the cars they ship. This insurance could protect your vehicle against theft, vandalism, fires, and others. It’s worth noting that insurance coverage isn’t the same in all auto transport companies.

Some provide a fair coverage amount; others offer a small one. But no matter how much coverage is, a reliable company should be willing to give you a copy of its insurance policy.

Unrealistic Quotes

Many auto transport companies manipulate clients by setting unrealistic car shipping quotes, expensive or cheap. For example, some leading companies in the market take advantage of their distinguished names to raise shipping prices, claiming that high-quality service is worth it.

However, that’s not true; a reliable service isn’t over-priced; rather, it’s both reasonable and affordable. On the other hand, new companies tend to offer too-good-to-be-true quotes to catch new clients and establish a presence in the market.

The truth is, not the over-priced or cheap services are reliable; you should look for one that provides competitive prices and is affordable to many clients.

Guaranteed Delivery Time

Many factors affect auto transport, like weather conditions, traffic, and unforeseen incidents. So, no matter how professional an auto transport company is, predicting the exact drop-off time is very difficult. Instead, a reputable auto transport company will provide a window of time or inform you that unexpected delays might happen along the way.

New in the Market

Another auto transport company to avoid is the one with limited or no experience in car shipping because it might be unreliable. A new auto transport company might have a team of amateur drivers who don’t have the sufficient knowledge that qualifies them to handle any unexpected or challenging transport process.

In addition, a new auto transport company won’t be able to give you a correct estimation for the delivery of your car, resulting in transport delays. Long story short, your vehicle won’t be in safe hands.

Tempus Logix has been in the market since 2018 and has always operated safe and successful auto shipping processes. The company has over one thousand online reviews from satisfied clients.

Negative Reviews 

Identifying an untrustworthy auto transport company has become easier thanks to the internet and online websites. It only takes a few minutes to scroll down the company’s reviews section to create an idea about the quality of the service it provides.

Many negative reviews mean this one needs to join the list of auto transport companies to avoid. However, you have to remember that a couple of negative reviews shouldn’t be a red flag, as pleasing everyone is impossible, and there must be some bothersome clients that always have a bad thing to say. So, look at the bigger picture.

Unprofessional Customer Service Support

The customer care team reflects its company’s quality; the company is good if the team is professional. However, if it’s poor, the company is one of the auto transport companies to avoid.

A company that cares for its reputation and place in the market will be extremely cautious about who to give such a sensitive position and if they’re qualified enough to reflect a positive image of the company or not

Similarly, a company that doesn’t care for its name and reputation and is not ready to invest in a qualified customer support team will probably not care for your car either.

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The auto transport market has become extremely crowded in the last decade, and the challenge of finding the best has become daunting. So, you better keep an open eye and not get tempted by the low prices and false promises.

If you find any of the red flags mentioned above in an auto transport company, you better start looking for another reliable one. After all, no car owner wants to risk their precious vehicle with an unprofessional auto transport company.

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