Arkansas Auto Transport Company

Arkansas Auto Transport Company
Published on January 17, 2024

As Arkansas is part of the tornado alley, the weather there could be extremely harsh. And since it’s home to 210,500 miles of highways and byways, many people stress their car’s shipping journey.

Worrying about your car’s safety and whether it will arrive at the delivery location safely and soundly is okay. However, after hiring a reliable and trustworthy Arkansas auto transport company, there’re many things you can do to ensure a higher level of safety for your car.

Choose the right trailer.

All Arkansas auto transport companies have two kinds of trailers in their fleet, enclosed and open. The choice of the carrier mostly depends on the clients’ preferences.

For example, an enclosed carrier protects the shipped car, securing it from external threats such as extreme temperature, cold or hot, and road debris and hazards. Vehicles in an enclosed trailer have their own space and aren’t placed above each other. So, it’s a good option for new cars, classic and luxurious ones.

Also, some clients prefer to ship their ordinary cars in an enclosed trailer if the distance between point A and point B is long because the more the distance, the more the damage potential. It’s worth noting that the enclosed trailer service is a little more costly than the following one.

On the other hand, open trailers are a very affordable and cost-effective kind of trailer. Even though car shipments on an open trailer are mostly safe, the possibility of cars getting damaged is higher than the abovementioned ones. Usually, ordinary car owners find this kind of trailer suitable for the level of protection their cars need. 

Both carriers provide a considerable level of security; it’s up to you to decide how secure your car should be during the shipment and how much you are willing to pay for it. But if you want complete security and safety, enclosed trailers are the best option, and the level of protection they guarantee is worth the cost. 

Enquire about car immobilization 

Car immobilization prevents cars from moving backward and forward, right and left during the shipment, preventing vehicles from colliding with each other and getting scratched or dented. 

Cars might move if the roads are poorly maintained or if there’s a flood, ice, thunderstorm, or tornado, especially since Arkansas is part of the Tornado Ally, where tornadoes are most frequent.

So, Arkansas auto transport companies usually use clever techniques to hold cars firmly in their place, and they do that by using wheel straps and tie-downs. So, it would help if you get a clear idea about the Arkansas auto transport company’s immobilization equipment and how they use them to immobilize cars. 

Secure exterior parts

The side-view mirrors are vulnerable and prone to scratches and damage during a shipment. So, you should remove or dislodge them. The shipping company primarily inspects mirrors for all shipped cars and folds them, but you would be more assured if you do it yourself. 

Pay attention to the insurance

The shipping process is hazardous, and many unpredictable incidents might occur. So, auto transport companies provide shipping insurance to ease clients’ minds.

Shipping insurance states the company’s responsibility towards the shipped cars and how much they are willing to cover for an accident or damage that might happen while a car is in transit.

The transport insurances differ from one company to another. So, you should thoroughly read the terms and policies of the insurance and decide whether they’re effective.

What to expect upon pickup and delivery?

Knowing what will happen upon pickup and delivery would help eliminate stress and guide you through what you should do and how to prepare your car.


After you and the Arkansas auto transport company you went for have agreed on an appointment for the pickup, the carrier driver will call to inform you that they’re on their way. So, you should be present to complete some procedures.

What happens first is a full inspection of the car; you and the carrier should document the pre-shipping state of the car. Some car owners prefer to do this step on their own to save time. In all scenarios, your vehicle should be spotless so you can spot any previous dent, rust, or scratch. Then, you should sign the Bill of Lading, a legal contract containing all the details about the shipped car and the pickup and delivery locations.

Finally, you must inform the driver about any particular details about your car; for example, if your mirrors are loose and vulnerable, you must put the driver in the picture so they don’t fold them harshly. 


The pickup and delivery processes are relatively similar. You will get a call from the driver or the Arkansas auto transport company that your car is about to reach its destination, depending on whether you went for a terminal or door-to-door services.

When you show up for the delivery, you have to do a full inspection of the car inside out to ensure that no new damage has occurred during the shipment. If everything is okay, you can sign the Bill of Lading again.  


Transporting a car from one state to another is very risky. So, it’s okay to be extra cautious; however, knowing all the safety precautions to follow will make your car arrive safely. Keep in mind that it’s all about the Arkansas auto transport company you hire, do comprehensive research and make sure they have a successful record. 

Tempus Logix provides all sorts of auto transportation services throughout the US., from shipping collectible cars to heavy-duty vehicles. Everything follows a strict yet smooth procedure to deliver the cars safely to the destination.

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