Kentucky Auto Transport Companies

Kentucky Auto Transport Companies
Published on November 17, 2023

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, is one of the best destinations for relocation if you’re looking for an affordable, convenient lifestyle. This state’s housing is more affordable than many others, as the cost of a moderate house there is about 123,000$.

Kentucky is also known for its strong workforce, active in transportation, healthcare, and educational sectors. Job opportunities there are many, and there’s a chance for everyone, no matter their specialty.

Not only that, but Kentucky’s residents will enjoy breathtaking scenery and nature; Mammoth Cave, Blue Pool, and Daniel Boone National Forest distinguish Kentucky and make it a magnet to Americans from around the US. So, if you’re considering switching to a convenient, nature-rich life, Kentucky is the ultimate answer.

Relocating will be tedious in all aspects, but professional help can make things easier. Hiring an auto transport company to deliver your car to Kentucky will save you time and money; you can drive around the Bluegrass state as soon as you arrive and make the first stages of the relocation a lot more convenient.

But don’t rush hiring any available service provider; opt for the best. To ensure you hire the most reliable Kentucky auto transport company, consider this list of questions to ask before ordering a quote.

1.      Is the Kentucky auto transport company licensed?

The first and most critical question to seek answer before trusting a Kentucky auto transport company with your car is its legitimacy. A reliable company must comply with rules and regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

All articles you will find online repeatedly stress the idea of auto transport licensing. But the reasons behind this emphasis are worth it. A company that isn’t licensed will cause you and your limitless car problems, as an unlicensed service provider will be breaching the law; they will cross state borders and your car illegally.

In addition, the DOT and FMCSA don’t accredit a company until they ensure its drivers are perfectly qualified for the job. However, if you went for an unlicensed company, drivers will probably be amateurs and have no experience driving huge carriers, exposing your car to damage risks.  

2.      How long has the Kentucky auto transport company been in the industry?

The company’s age isn’t only a number; rather, it can communicate a lot about how experienced a company is in the field and whether or not it will be able to take responsibility for the transportation of your car.

So, you have to inquire about the company’s experience, how long it has been working in the market, and how many successful auto transportation processes it has operated.

Tempus Logix has been in the crowded auto transport market for around eight years now; it has stood out among the crowds of many auto transport companies because of its high-quality services. Not only that, but Tempus Logix celebrated the achievement of transporting 45,000 vehicles successfully ever since it came into the industry and is still counting.

3.      What do previous clients have to say about them?

Since most auto transport companies are now available online with no land-based offices, clients find and hire auto transport companies through the internet. So, when all that’s available is a website, one has to take advantage of all the available resources to confirm a service’s quality before hiring it.

And here, the rule of clients’ reviews emerges; the feedback section on a company’s website will enlighten you on the good and bad sides of the company and whether you should consider it or look for another. You must remember that not all you read is true; you must always have an open eye and mind to each review you read.  

4.      Are their prices affordable?

We are always pursuing the highest quality service for the most affordable prices. And the auto transport process is no different; you should look for this combination of professional services for an economical price.

But don’t get so driven by low prices, as they scream fraud and scam; you can easily tell that they won’t take good care of your car, nor will they operate a well-maintained auto transport trailer.

On the other hand, overpriced quotes aren’t the ultimate option, as you don’t want to break the bank for an auto transport service. So, order as many quotes as possible from different service providers, then settle for the one that matches the above standards and offers reasonable quotes.

5.      What does their insurance cover?

Auto transport insurance is a deal breaker, as it will protect your vehicle in case of an accident. So, you must read the company’s insurance policy thoroughly and decide whether or not these terms and conditions comply with your needs. Remember that you can always purchase extra insurance coverage if the one the company offers isn’t suitable for what you’re looking for.

In a nutshell

Your relocation to Kentucky will go more smoothly with your car on board. So, get there with the help of a reliable Kentucky auto transport company that matches all the criteria mentioned above.

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