Safety Measures for Motorcycle Transportation

Safety Measures for Motorcycle Transportation
Published on July 4, 2022

“Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.” That’s how bikers think of their precious motor vehicles, which is why they hesitate when choosing a motorbike transportation company.

They are the only ones who feel the sensitivity of shipping their motorcycles. Whenever they need to travel a long distance, they must go through the burden of arranging the shipment and ensuring the auto transport company is efficient and reliable enough to handle the job.

Lots of planning and preparation are required to ensure a safe journey and an accurate delivery date. In this article, we’ll demonstrate the safety measures for motorcycle transportation.

Find a Trustworthy Auto Transport Company

People often face challenges while trying to choose the best auto transport company among plenty of available choices, which is not an easy task. However, here are a few things to consider when comparing all provided services.

  1. The legal situation is the first thing to check; no one wants to entrust their precious motorcycle to a company that can’t operate legally. Motorcycle transportation follows the safety and insurance regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Therefore the company must have a valid MC number.
  2. Relevant experience is a must; it is a critical factor that can measure the company’s efficiency. A track record full of successful motorcycle transportation is powerful proof that shows whether the company is trustworthy or not.
  3. Customer reviews are also one of the essential comparison aspects since they tell much about the service and the company itself. Customer reviews aren’t meant to compliment the company and its services; it is nearly impossible to satisfy everyone. However, how the staff replies to negative comments and the explanations they give can be helpful when deciding which transport service provider to hire. 

Motorcycle Transportation Options

Auto transport companies offer two types of truck trailers. Open trailers that have no sides. Therefore, they don’t provide complete protection against bad weather conditions and other external factors. However, this open auto transport method is affordable, easy to find, and the best choice for short-distance travel.

On the other hand, enclosed trailers are fully closed, providing 360-degree protection. It’s noteworthy that extra protection comes with more cost; this kind of trailer can transport expensive and rare motorcycles that require a higher level of care and security. It is also recommended to choose enclosed auto transport for long-distance journeys.

How does Motorcycle Transportation Work?

It is very important to know how much it will cost to book a transportation service! Fortunately, having a cost estimation is relatively easy. Motorcycle owners can get an immediate quote with only one phone call or a quick chat with customer service personnel.

Another way to get the quote is to use an online motorcycle shipping cost calculator, a free tool on the company’s website that can provide a reliable cost estimation. The next step is to prepare the motorcycle for shipping; there are many preparations bikers should follow to ensure their motor vehicle’s safety.

  1. Check the battery charge and fluids level: you must drain the fuel tank until only one quarter is left if the motorcycle is shipped within the country; otherwise, it should be empty.
  2. Check the tire pressure: tires play a significant role in motorcycle transportation safety. It would help if you deflated them a little to absorb road effects and provide extra protection for the bike while in transit. 
  3. Remove all personal items: auto transport companies are not responsible for any lost or damaged items because motorcycle transportation may take several days to be done. Therefore all valuable accessories will be subjected to a lot of shaking during shipping.
  4. Document the motorcycle’s condition: the last thing to do before moving the motorbike is to carefully examine it and make notes of any existing damage to compare it with the post-shipping status. Transport providers won’t take responsibility for new damage unless the pre-shipment documents show it wasn’t there before transportation
  5. Loading and securing the motorcycle: On the scheduled pick-up date, the auto transport company team will assign a carrier to ship the bike. They will load it as safely as possible and secure it on the trailer using wheel chocks, strap both handlebars to the trailer sides, and a soft loop strap to secure the bike rear.
  6. Insurance: Auto transport companies provide insurance to cover all damage that may happen during motorcycle transportation. Even though accidents are infrequent, shipping companies still understand how necessary it is to offer this service to ease motorcycle owners’ minds and ensure their motorbike safety.


No matter how bikers are attached to their beloved motor vehicles, auto transport companies will probably be more careful about motorcycles to ensure nothing goes wrong on the road. After all, no credible company wants bad publicity or a negative customer review.

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