The Top States People Are Moving to and from in 2024

The Top States People Are Moving to and from in 2024
Published on June 21, 2024

In 2024, migration trends in the United States are shifting towards states with lower living costs, strong job markets, and favorable climates. States like Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas are attracting new residents due to their economic opportunities and quality of life. Conversely, states such as California, New York, and Illinois are seeing significant out-migration driven by high costs of living, taxes, and economic challenges. This summary provides insights into the top states people are moving to and from, highlighting the key factors influencing these trends.

States People Are Moving To in 2024

In 2024, many people are relocating to states with better job opportunities, lower living costs, and favorable climates. These states offer diverse economic prospects, affordable housing, and a high quality of life. Attractive weather, tax benefits, and recreational activities drive this migration. States with strong economies and appealing lifestyles are becoming prime choices for new residents seeking personal and professional growth.

Here are five states people are moving to in 2024:

1. Florida: Florida is a top destination for movers due to its warm climate, lack of state income tax, and affordable housing market. Cities like Ocala, Pensacola, and The Villages are particularly popular. The state’s robust economy includes diverse tourism, healthcare, and technology job opportunities. With its recreational activities and healthcare facilities, Florida’s appeal to retirees also adds to its attractiveness.

2. Texas: Texas attracts many new residents with its low taxes, affordable housing, and strong job market. Major cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston, and smaller cities like Frisco and Katy, draw people in with their economic opportunities and high quality of life. Texas’ political environment and consistent climate further enhance its appeal.

3. South Carolina: South Carolina is seeing an influx of new residents due to its lower cost of living, which is about 11.5% cheaper than the national average, and growing industries in healthcare and technology. Cities like Greenville, Myrtle Beach, and Summerville are popular destinations. The state’s mild weather and outdoor recreational opportunities also make it attractive.

4. North Carolina: North Carolina attracts people with its diverse economy and lower cost of living compared to other East Coast states. Cities such as Raleigh, Charlotte, and Asheville offer job opportunities in finance, technology, and healthcare, along with vibrant cultural scenes. The state also provides a variety of outdoor activities and a moderate climate.

5. Idaho: Idaho continues to grow due to its strong job market, particularly in Boise, which offers opportunities for young professionals and a high quality of life. The state’s natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities are significant draws. Idaho’s affordability and overall quality of life make it an increasingly popular destination.

States People Are Moving From in 2024

Several states are experiencing significant outmigration due to high living costs, taxes, and economic challenges. Factors such as remote work, job losses in certain industries, and harsh climates also contribute to this trend. Many people are leaving states that no longer meet their financial or lifestyle needs in search of better opportunities and a better quality of life elsewhere.

Here are five states people are moving from in 2024:

1. California: California continues to see significant out-migration due to high living costs, especially housing prices, and rising crime rates. The state’s ongoing housing crisis and increased remote work contribute to this trend. The loss of job opportunities in specific industries and the high cost of living push residents to seek more affordable conditions in other states.

2. New York: New York is experiencing out-migration primarily due to its high cost of living and taxes. Many residents are moving to states with lower costs and better job opportunities. The shift to remote work has also made it easier for people to leave while maintaining their jobs.

3. Illinois: Illinois has seen a steady population decline over the past decade, driven by high taxes, budget deficits, and a slow-growing economy. Many residents leave for better job opportunities and more affordable housing in other states. The high state tax rate and cost of living continue to drive out migration.

4. New Jersey: New Jersey is experiencing significant out-migration due to high property taxes and living costs. The decline in key industries such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing has also contributed to residents leaving the state. Many residents seek more affordable housing and lower taxes elsewhere.

5. Minnesota: Minnesota is seeing residents leave due to high living costs and harsh winters. The state’s aging population and higher tax rates drive people to move to more comfortable and affordable locations. The combination of economic and climatic challenges makes Minnesota less attractive to many residents.

Factors Driving Relocation

Cost of Living: High living costs in states like California, New York, and New Jersey are significant factors driving residents to more affordable states like Florida, Texas, and South Carolina.

Job Opportunities: States with solid job markets, such as Texas, North Carolina, and Idaho, attract people looking for better employment opportunities.

Climate and Lifestyle: Warmer temperatures and outdoor recreational opportunities in states like Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina make these locations appealing.

Taxes: States with lower tax burdens, such as Florida and Texas, are popular destinations for those looking to reduce their tax liabilities.


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