5 Riskiest Highways in the U.S

5 Riskiest Highways in the U.S
Published on August 31, 2021 at 3:48 pm GMT

Which are the Most Dangerous Roads in the U.S.?

The United States of America is a homeland of an incredible network of roadways measuring over 4 million miles of public roads. Unfortunately, despite high-tech development in automotive quality standards and high-quality requirements, more than 34 000 people die in motor vehicle crashes on American roadways every year.
The lion’s share of car accidents goes for U.S. highways. Initially, each U.S. road features its track record, also referred to as a road accident record, presenting the road safety based on motor vehicle crashes on a roadway. However, when it comes to safe driving, there are pretty dangerous U.S. roads you’d be better off never crossing whenever possible. Here are the top five riskiest highways in the U.S. to avoid.

Interstate-4 (I-4) Florida

First, on our list, we have Interstate-4 located in the state of Florida. Interstate-4 has gained the reputation of America’s most dangerous highway. With about 1.25 deaths per mile (165 deaths in total), Interstate-4 is one of the unique highways in the U.S. that takes more than one life per single mile. The most dangerous or even deadliest part of Interstate-4 is the segment of Orlando, Fl. The most common cause of death on I-4 is vehicle side-impact crashes, especially when moving car crashes with an illegally parked vehicle. Overturned cars are the second cause of fatal accidents on I-4, while the collision with pedestrians takes the third place.

Interstate-5 (I-5) Texas

Next up, we have Interstate-5 ranking as the second dangerous highway in the U.S., featuring 1.2 deaths per mile. Most of the fatal car accidents on Interstate-5 occur near the region of Huston, Texas, amounting to 290 deaths overall.
Statistically, November is the riskiest month to travel on Interstate-5. On the I-5, two motor vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, and overturned vehicles are the most common causes of fatal accidents.

U.S. Route 192 (US 192) Florida

The third place on our list is for U.S. Route 192, with more than 850 fatal accidents per mile (65 deaths overall). U.S. Route 192, also known as US 192, stretches between Indialantic, Florida, and the Four Corners Region. On this highway, you need to be attentive to pedestrians, as pedestrian collisions are the most common type of fatal accident. The worst period to travel on US 192 is between eight and ten pm.

Interstate-17 (I-17) Arizona

Ranking fourth on our list, Interstate-17, with 0.85 deaths per mile, is one of the most dangerous highways in the U.S. Only during five years, more than 120 people have died in a car accident on Interstate-17. Running from Flagstaff to Phoenix, this 285-mile road is one of the primary highways you need to avoid traveling, especially in March during the deadliest hours of 3 to 4 pm. The most common way to lose your life on this highway is a motor vehicle collision.

Interstate-95 (I-95) Florida

Classified as the 5-the most dangerous highway road in the U.S., Interstate-95 features 0.73 deaths per mile. Over four years, more than 1500 people have died in a car accident on Interstate-95, especially along with the region of Jacksonville.
July is the deadliest month to travel this 1900-mile stretch of the highway, especially on Sundays from 1 to 2 am. While traveling on Interstate-95, you need to be conscious of fellow drivers as traffic collisions are the most common cause of fatal accidents.

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