Tips on How to Prepare Your Exotic Car for Shipping in 2022

Tips on How to Prepare Your Exotic Car for Shipping in 2022
Published on June 21, 2022 at 10:45 am GMT

Shipping an exotic car seems the same as shipping any other vehicle; it is not wrong, but it isn’t entirely correct either. Technically speaking, the process doesn’t differ much. However, unique cars require a lot of care; consequently, a professional team and special equipment to run the operation efficiently.

Exotic car shipping can be pretty challenging; there are many things to consider starting with looking for the best transport provider to hire. You also have to consider the right timing to ship the car, keeping in mind that shipping costs vary from season to season depending on weather conditions, available roads, and other factors. This article will demonstrate some steps to follow to get your exotic car a safe trip to its new destination.

Find a Reliable Transport Company

The auto transport industry is one of the biggest industries these days. So, you must be careful and trust your precious vehicle to a rightful transporting company.

Locating such a company isn’t hard; all you need to do is to

  • Ask whether the company provides exotic car transport services or not
  • Check their legal situation by verifying their MC number
  • Make sure they have a good reputation among their clients

Another thing you should be aware of is that exotic car shipping can never be cheap. You have to compare all quotes offered by car transport companies and don’t fall for the idea of saving money without learning everything about the service you will get.

Tempus Logix is a reliable auto transport company that handles exotic car shipping under all circumstances and offers a vast range of options for the shipping process. The company has years of experience and over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients in the US.

Choose a Suitable Transport Method

Exotic Cars are not ordinary vehicles; they need the extra protection that can’t be ensured using open auto transportation methods. You should go with the enclosed auto transport; it’s the best choice to ship supercars. An enclosed trailer provides the utmost safety level protecting your car from being exposed to weather fluctuations and road hazards that may cause harm to it.

Enclosed trailers cost more, but it’s worth the payment since they will protect the car and deliver the vehicle in the same condition it was picked up. Exotic cars often have unique parts that are difficult to replace and sometimes a special paint color that is hard to source. So, why take such a risk by not paying for an enclosed auto transport service?

Ask About the Insurance Coverage

Before transporting your valuable exotic car, confirm the transport provider you went for is insured and will offer damage coverage for transport risks. It’s also recommended to contact your car insurance agency and make sure the insurance is up-to-date. It includes transportation damage to ensure having double coverage since the damage maintenance might cost a small fortune that you don’t want to pay by yourself.

Prepare Your Exotic Car for Shipping

Reliable auto transport companies understand how much time and effort you have invested in buying an exotic car and how much it means. Therefore, they always work hard to provide the best shipping services. However, there are a few things that car owners are responsible for to make sure the vehicle is well prepared for the journey.

Clean the car properly inside and out

Shipping companies can’t check the car properly if it’s dirty; dust and other substances may cause some mistakes while writing the bill of loading; it will also make it difficult for you to examine your vehicle after delivering it, and you may miss any new damage.

Perform all required maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in good condition will ensure it will be ready to be driven after reaching its final destination. You can check the vehicle yourself to ensure everything is alright:

  • Check the tire pressure
  • Disable the alarm system because it may hamper the shipping team’s work
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged
  • Check the fluid levels; the fuel tank mustn’t be full; one quarter is enough

Inspect the Exotic car for any existing damage.

You have to check the car out carefully and take notes of all scratches and blemishes; no matter how small they are, it will help you notice any additional damage that may happen during the transportation process. 

Remove all personal items

Another essential preparation is to empty the car of all personal belongings and non-factory equipment for several reasons.

  • First, transport companies don’t take responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen items left inside the vehicle since they aren’t included in the insurance coverage.
  • Second, the vehicles’ weight contributes significantly to the shipping cost. Therefore leaving personal items will add more weight to the car, resulting in a shipping cost increase.
  • Finally, it is well known that cars could move slightly and shake in place while in transit. Thus, leaving items that may cause damage to the car interior will threaten your exotic car safety. Make sure to get all of them out of the car.


Preparing your exotic car for shipping requires more than just a little check; the actual preparation starts by picking the right company. Then, you must do all the pre-shipping practices to guarantee the safest journey for your unique vehicle.

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