Classic Car Transportation 101 Everything You Need to Know

Classic Car Transportation 101 Everything You Need to Know
Published on May 10, 2022

Classic and collectible cars of all types and models are precious to their owners, and therefore classic car transport requires more attention to guarantee their safety. Whether it is for repair work or to participate in a collectible car show, it is necessary to transport the vehicle.

Only a few choices are there; either you have to drive it to a distant location, or you can arrange this mission for an auto transport company to handle this for you. No matter what choice you go for, it is still essential to learn more about the shipment process to make an accurate decision.     

There are two main shipment types. The first thing you need to know before calling a classic car transport company is the two available options for shipping your vehicle.

Open Auto Transport

It is easy to get this service since it is an economical method and it is available almost everywhere. This open auto transportation is done using open trailers with no sides. Therefore, the vehicles will be exposed to all outdoor elements and weather conditions, which means your collectible car won’t be completely safe from external damage.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This option is safer than the first one. The classic and collectible cars are loaded into enclosed trailers that look like a box trailer with all vehicles inside, guaranteeing the collectible cars’ value and a safe trip. With the additional safety comes a higher price; the enclosed classic car shipping cost is more expensive and harder to find. Not many companies have enough experience in this field since it requires special tools and a professional team to apply.

Although both methods effectively transport collectible vehicles, many vintage vehicle owners prefer to use enclosed vehicle transport. They don’t want their investment to be harmed by being exposed to unnecessary risks.

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Reliable Classic Car Transport Company

There are a lot of collectible car transport companies, and you may get confused while trying to compare all of them, which makes it quite challenging to find the suitable one. There are some conditions a company must meet to be considered reliable.

  1. The transport department must license a reliable classic car transport company; you can’t trust unlicensed companies, check their websites, find the legal information at the bottom of the home page, and contact the transport department to make sure everything is okay.
  2. A professional and experienced team is dealing with the transport process for collectible vehicles. They should also have the necessary equipment like nylon straps instead of chains that might cause some damage to your car.
  3. Check customers’ feedback, comments, and shipment record. All this information is available on the company website.

Tempus Logix is a licensed best in class auto shipping company. With 1000+ positive reviews from satisfied customers and a rich portfolio of 30,000+ vehicles delivered. The company offers automobile transportation and pays significant attention to classic car transportation. The professional team and trustworthy drivers and trucks nationwide will facilitate the transportation process.

Transport Companies and Transportation Brokers Are Not the Same

There is a big difference between the two approaches:

  • Transportation brokers don’t own the trucks used in the shipment process and can’t manage them directly. They are pretty similar to middlemen, they can handle the shipment process, but they don’t do it themselves. You might face some difficulties since you can’t communicate with the logistics team. Instead, the communication will be only with the broker, who will contact them on your behalf.
  • Classic car transport companies own the trucks and have overall control over the transport operation. They allow clients to have a lot of details and more control over your classic car shipping process.

Pre-Shipping Preparation

Many people don’t know much about preparing their classic cars before the transportation process; there are a few things to do to ensure your vehicle’s safety during the shipment.

  • Remove all personal belongings: some companies impose a few restrictions on personal items inside the cars; you, too, don’t want to leave your valuable items in the collectible vehicle since companies usually don’t take responsibility for any personal belongings lost.
  • The fuel tank: leaving the tank full is not a good idea; companies charge depending on the car weight. The recommended amount of fuel is 1\4 of the tank; it is more than enough to load and unload the car.
  • Battery charge: the battery must be fully charged before the transportation process.
  • Document the car pre-transport status: the classic car safety responsibility is its owner’s in the first place; companies don’t cover damage costs if the owner doesn’t provide detailed documentation about the car status before the transportation. It is essential to write everything down, take some photos or even record a video and submit it to the company.


It is crucial to know everything about classic car insurance. First, you have to call your car insurance company and get all details about shipment insurance. The second step is to ask the transportation company for a copy of the insurance paper they provide as a part of their services.


It is not easy to transport a classic car, and this process requires a lot of preparation and attention from both the owner and the classic car transport company. You have to know everything and find a high-quality service that pays more attention to details. 

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