Reasons Why You Need Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer in 2022

Reasons Why You Need Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer in 2022
Published on May 28, 2022 at 2:42 pm GMT

Whether you have transported your vehicle in the past or are planning to do that in the future, you will find out that every auto transport company offers two main options for shipping; open and enclosed auto transport trailers.

Most companies recommend using an enclosed auto transport trailer, which is more expensive and reliable. Indeed, other factors can affect the decision, such as safety, privacy, and efficiency. However, learning about shipping cars in enclosed auto transport trailers needs a detailed explanation of their advantages, and this article will demonstrate the fundamental reasons for that.

What is an Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer?

Imagine packing your car in a box and shipping it away. The enclosed transporter works similarly; it’s a big truck with one or two levels for cars and is devoted to carrying vehicles for long distances and securing them to ensure their stability along the road. 

Types of enclosed auto transport trailers

There are many kinds of enclosed car carriers, which all serve the same purpose. The most common types of enclosed auto transport trailers are:

single-vehicle enclosed auto transport trailer

These trailers are specialized in transporting only one vehicle, mainly sport or collectible cars. They are better for short trips or fast delivery, as they carry one vehicle, they are much lighter than other types, therefore, can speed up more. Another feature is the interior design of the single-car carrier, as it has paddles on the side, providing more excellent protection.

multi-vehicle enclosed auto transport trailer

A two-story truck that can hold several cars, but not as many as the open auto transport trailer can carry. You can use it for shipping any vehicle to distant locations, and it is also equipped with protection paddles and fixing ropes.

5 Reasons to Choose an Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer

Although an enclosed auto transport trailer is not cheap, the price comes with many advantages that make it superior to open carriers. We present to you 5 top reasons why you need an enclosed auto transport trailer in 2022:

Enclosed trailers provide more protection

Because the outer shell of the enclosed auto transport trailer provides complete protection from road hazards, debris, and outdoor elements, avoiding any damage that could occur to your valuable vehicle.

Generally, the shell of the enclosed auto transport trailers has two main types. It is either made out of rigid materials (aluminum, tin, fiberglass), which makes it a “Hard-shell trailer,” or the rigid materials are only found at the top, back, and front, while the sides are made of durable canvas, making it a “Soft-shell trailer.” Of course, if you are determined to have the most secure enclosed auto transport trailer, you probably should use a hard-shell carrier.

Ensure a safe load with enclosed carriers

Unlike an open auto transport trailer, an enclosed car transport truck offers a simple loading process, where we only need to park the carrier in front of the vehicle, and the hydraulic lift will take the car to the left. Since the enclosed trailer has walls on the side, you will not worry about the possibility of tilting the vehicle over the side.

Enjoy the privacy and security of enclosed trailers

One of the great things about enclosed auto transport trailers is that people don’t know what is inside! Some people do not like to show off their belongings for various reasons.

In addition, they are outfitted with a hydraulic lift that makes it easier to raise and drop the vehicle, providing a more secure load/unload process. It also has drip pans, which protect the cars on the bottom level from the fluids that might leak and drip from the upper-level vehicles.

Enclosed trailers are smaller and fit fewer vehicles

That means a less crowded carrier with few cargos, relieving your car from exposure to other vehicle debris. According to capacities, there are three categories:

  1. One-level, one-car trailers
  2. One-level, multi-car trailers
  3. Multi-level, multi-car trailers

Even the last type can only hold up to 8 cars within two rows.

Enclosed trailers provide luxury for rare and expensive cars

Car collectors realize the importance of high-quality transport to maintain the vehicle’s high-end finishing and receive it in the same shape it was loaded. Enclosed trailers guarantee such service and offer additional premium services to ensure a personalized experience. You can learn more about how to safely transport your classic car.

Vehicles that are Better to Be Shipped in Enclosed Trailers

There are cases where using an enclosed auto transport carrier is an option; in other cases, it becomes a necessity:

race and sports cars

Racers do not drive their sports cars on roads to avoid damage from hazards, weather, or accidents. Therefore, enclosed auto transport trailers are widely used in auto sports, particularly the one-level carrier, to reduce the danger to the minimum limits.

Classic, rare, and luxurious autos

No one likes a dented car door or a scratched painting, so what if it was an expansive premium automobile. You will want it to be treated with great attention and care while delivering it to your front door. The enclosed car transport trailer ensures your vehicle is delivered in tip-top shape, loaded with only a few cars. 

vehicles with low ground clearance

Some cars are designed to be too close to the ground, where a high bump can cause severe damage, making it hard to drive and load on an open carrier. As we mentioned earlier, some enclosed transport trailers are equipped with a special lift that guarantees a smooth loading operation, preventing any bottom out.

You can read more about why to choose an enclosed auto transport.


Based on the reasons above, enclosed auto transport trailers are sometimes a good option, and other times the only option to maintain the car’s safety and delivery on time.

Tempus Logix has all kinds of auto transport trailers ready to serve its clients across the United States. Whether it’s an open or an enclosed trailer, that won’t be a problem. The company has years of experience shipping heavy-duty vehicles, collectible cars, luxury sports vehicles, and much more. 

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