Celebrating International Day of Non-violence

Celebrating International Day of Non-violence
Published on October 2, 2023

On the second day of every October, the world celebrates International Day of Non-violence, established on June 15th, 2007, by the United Nations General Assembly. The UN has chosen this day because it coincides with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, a leading proponent of non-violence.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide are celebrating this event and emphasizing their attitude against using violence to achieve social, political, or environmental change.

Among the participating parties, car shipping companies play a major role in this event and emphasize their belief in fairness, peace, and love as the most influential forces that can lead to successful and sustainable change in different life aspects.

They promote a non-violent culture in different ways, from the small acts we do towards the small circle of people and the environment around us, which can make a ripple effect, enlarging the circle of peace and understanding.

Tempus Logix is among non-violence’s major participants and proponents. Its CEO says an inspiring word, emphasizing the company’s support for peace and adoption of a non-violence culture in the workplace:

‘The International Day of Non-violence is the perfect time to remind the public of the power of peace and love in creating change and influencing people. Violence can take different forms, whether against marginalized or disabled people or even the planet. As a car shipping company, we at Tempus Logix embrace a non-violent culture in the workplace and toward the environment as well. We consider the sorrowful consequences of draining natural resources and how specific industrial practices can harm the atmosphere. Therefore, we strive to follow the safest shipping practices for everyone and everything, including the environment.’

CEO of Tempus Logix, United States

Green Car Shipping for a Healthier Environment

Car shipping companies committed to reducing their environmental impact, such as Tempus Logix, follow sustainable car shipping practices that are less harmful to the atmosphere. The most common and useful green practices car shipping companies usually employ include:

  1. Using fuel-efficient carriers can maximize shipping processes’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness and reduce the emissions the shipping carriers produce to nature. Open shipping trailers are usually lighter and consume less fuel than heavy enclosed trucks. However, there are more advanced shipping trailer options in different styles, yet they are more expensive, and only a few car shippers can afford to invest in them.
  2. Investing in renewable energy is another effective solution to reduce the impact of car shipping on the environment. Some shipping trailers come with more advanced features and systems that allow for using sustainable energy resources instead of fossil fuels, maximizing car shipping cost-effectiveness and saving the environment.
  3. Shipping multiple vehicles simultaneously is a simple practice but significantly influences nature. Companies concerned about green car shipping can use trailers with higher load capacity to maximize the number of shipped vehicles per journey and reduce the number of shipping trips.
  4. Innovative car shipping technologies and strategies can make car shipping more sustainable. For example, car shippers can implement AI tools and smart devices to detect the shortest and most efficient routes drivers can use for faster shipments, which can also protect the environment by decreasing fuel emissions.

Overall, the International Day of Non-violence is the most suitable time to emphasize how embracing a non-violence culture is essential to promote peace and mutual understanding. Raising awareness about non-violence, especially towards the environment, cannot be overstated.

Among the best practices we can do as individuals to fight violence against nature is supporting car shipping companies that follow green and sustainable car shipping practices to encourage other industries to follow their example.

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