Group Auto Shipping Advantages

Group Auto Shipping Advantages
Published on April 28, 2023

Auto transport companies are dedicated to providing top-notch service to their clients when shipping their vehicles. They are particularly enthusiastic when customers opt for group auto shipping, which involves shipping multiple cars simultaneously. This practice is mutually beneficial for both the car owners and the transporters.

This article will explore the situations where group auto shipping is necessary and its advantages. So, keep reading to discover what multi-car transport entails, when it is employed, and the benefits it offers.

What is multi-auto shipping?

Multi-auto shipping is a term used to describe the transportation of multiple vehicles to a single destination using the same auto carrier. It can be achieved by using trailers that have the capacity to haul several cars at once.

Multi-auto shipping is a service most car shipping companies offer targeting customers who own multiple cars and plan to move them at once. Instead of shipping their vehicles separately or hiring several carriers, car owners can benefit from the various benefits of multi-car shipping services.

Multi-car shipping clients

Auto transporters receive group auto-shipping orders from different client groups.

Families with more than one car

According to recent statistics, 33.1% of U.S. households own two cars, and 14.9% own three cars. Those people might be permanently moving to another state, traveling for business, or vacationing. In whichever scenario, they need to move their vehicles with them for their convenience, and having an auto transporter offering multi-car hauling services can make the process much easier.

Car collectors and buyers

People purchasing several cars online or from a dealership in a distant place need to ship their newly bought cars by an experienced multi-auto transporter. Additionally, car collectors sometimes haul their vehicle collections to participate in car shows and exhibitions.


  1. Automakers need to send new car models to dealerships across the U.S.
  2. Companies ship their fleet of cars to other offices
  3. Auction houses sometimes handle shipping the cars themselves
  4. Construction companies move heavy-duty vehicles in bulk to construction sites

The benefits of group auto shipping

Shipping multiple cars brings about a set of advantages for auto transporters that can also benefit the customers in the long run. First and foremost, shipping costs are reduced per car when shipping more than one vehicle simultaneously with the same car carrier.

Car carriers readily cut the shipping cost for each shipped car since multi-car hauling expedites the process of filling up the trailer with load and reduces the number of stops a carrier has to make at pick-up and delivery. Consequently, multi-car shipping saves auto transporters’ time and reduces fuel costs as the car carrier would use less fuel for the shortened journey.

Second, shipping multi-cars with one particular car hauler is more convenient for car owners, as they won’t set different schedules for their different cars shipment. In addition, following up and tracking the shipping process is easier when all the cars are hauled into one carrier. Eventually, all of the cars will be dropped off in one place at the same time.

Shipping multiple vehicles at the best price

Though shipping costs are typically reduced when shipping more than one vehicle simultaneously, a few tips can save costs for multi-car transport.

The first tip is to book the auto transport shipment ahead of time. Making the booking at least two to four weeks in advance is recommended. This way, car owners give auto transporters plenty of time to find a carrier to haul their vehicles together. Additionally, booking in advance allows auto transporters to find the best offer for moving the load.

Secondly, auto owners should always inquire about auto shipping discounts beforehand. In many cases, auto transporters provide special discounts for first responders, returning customers, clients shipping during a specific time of the year, and many more.

It is worth mentioning that auto transport companies don’t always bring up discount issues unless customers ask about them. So, we advise customers to ensure whether they are eligible for any discount offered by the auto hauling company so that they can save a good sum of money from the multi-auto hauling process.

Finding a multi-car transporter

Some ask whether they can easily find an auto transport company that ships multiple cars simultaneously. The answer is definitely, yes. Most auto transport companies ship vehicles in bulk, and most offer discounts when shipping more than one vehicle. However, the most important part of the multi-auto transporting process is hiring a reputable auto transport company to avoid any issues during the transport process.

Tempus Logix has already moved over 45,000 vehicles of all types across the United States. The company has been doing business for the last eight years and is still servicing clients and ensuring their satisfaction.

A multi-car transport service secures many benefits for people who need to move more than one car. Clients only have to contact their auto transporter ahead of time and provide them with all the vehicles’ details for a hassle-free auto transport process.

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