Everything You Need to Know About Moving a Bulldozer

Everything You Need to Know About Moving a Bulldozer
Published on June 23, 2022

Heavy equipment shipping stands out from other transportation activities; it requires a professional shipping team and skilled drivers specialized in transporting heavy-duty vehicles.

Bulldozers are often found on construction sites; They have a big, flat blade that can vary from one dozer to another depending on the reason it was made for, these blades are attached to the dozer’s front, and the blade can be moved using hydraulic arms. Sometimes it becomes necessary to transport such equipment from one site to another or even across the states. Moving a bulldozer is not easy; there are many things to worry about in the shipping process.

There are plenty of vehicle transport companies in the United States, but not all are qualified enough to ship a dozer or a heavy-duty vehicle. This puzzle is one of the challenges bulldozer owners may face while trying to move their vehicles from one place to another.

Choosing a reliable auto transport company is essential to ensure the dozer is in good hands and the company can handle all the details of the transportation process.

What is a Qualified Auto Transport Company?

  • It should be registered and fully licensed in order to  get all required permits and operate legally across the states
  • Must have skilled drivers, professional teams, and all necessary equipment to move a heavy-duty vehicle
  • It should offer insurance coverage for damages that might happen during the transportation. Providing the insurance policy and all the details is also a must

What is the Best Way to Move a Bulldozer?

Auto transport companies offer two main shipping methods, enclosed auto transport which is suitable for rare and expensive cars since it provides complete protection. And open auto transport, which is the best to ship heavy-duty vehicles like bulldozers since dozers are large and heavy, so they can’t fit in enclosed trailers.

However, an extremely large dozer needs an oversized permit to be shipped from one place to another; it also can exceed the height limits, so it can’t pass under bridges. Therefore, it is essential to provide the shipping company with the exact details about the dozer’s weight and height to allow them to plan the best transportation routes.

Moving Bulldozer Attachments

Some dozers can be shipped along with their attachment on the same trailer; when loading it on the trailer, the dozer’s blades must be facing backward to prevent any possible damage.

Meanwhile, a few blade types can’t be transported alongside the bulldozer, such as U-blade and ripper; these blades should be detached from the dozer and shipped separately to facilitate transportation.

Trucks Used in Moving a Bulldozer

Ask the transport provider about the best truck and trailer combination to ship the dozer, considering the convenient service while keeping the cost as proper as possible.

Small bulldozers can fit on a drop-deck trailer designed to carry tall loads that exceed the height limit. On the other hand, giant bulldozers with more than 30,000 pounds can be moved using a Gooseneck trailer with a higher capacity rating than traditional trailers and can carry more than 40.000 pounds of loads.

The Costs of Moving a Bulldozer

The shipping cost can vary from one company to another, and it is not the same for all transport orders; the price is subject to many factors, including:

  • The bulldozer size, height, and weight: the heavier the shipped dozer is, the more it will cost in transportation. Moreover, extra-large cargo requires an oversize transportation permit to move legally across the states.
  • As for the height, it is necessary to remove the cab so the dozer will maintain a reasonable height that is safer for everyone; if the length is more than 53 feet, then a loading permit is required to operate rightfully.
  • The farther the dropping-off destination is, the more shipping will cost, especially for large dozers that must be transported using a Gooseneck trailer; drivers can’t drive this trailer on all roads. Therefore, they should travel through certain routes where the trailer can move safely, increasing travel distance and cost accordingly.

Preparation Before Moving a Bulldozer

If you want to ensure a safe trip for the dozer, there are a few things to check before sending it to the next site:

  • After the dozer is loaded on the trailer, you should disconnect the battery to prevent the charge from being drained. The doors should be locked and appropriately tied, so they won’t open while in transit.
  • It is essential to cover the dozer since it will be loaded on an open trailer and exposed to external elements and dirt.
  • You must remove all personal stuff and document the dozer’s condition before shipping to guarantee the company will be responsible for any damage that may occur during transportation.


Transporting a bulldozer is rather challenging. However, dozer owners don’t have to worry much since hiring a professional auto transport company can save their day and guarantee a safe journey to their bulldozer.

Tempus Logix has years of experience shipping heavy-duty vehicles across the states. All required trailers and equipment are available along with professional drivers and team members to organize the whole transportation process from pickup to drop off.

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