Long Distance Boat Transportation Costs and Preparations

Long Distance Boat Transportation Costs and Preparations
Published on July 26, 2022

Whether a transport company will move your boat across the town or interstate, boat transportation is more complicated than shipping any other type of vehicle. It requires considerable planning and preparations to perform the safest shipping process.

But luckily, auto transport companies are fully aware of boat owners’ concerns about transporting their boats to a distant location. Therefore, they pay careful attention to all details involved in each boat transportation operation to guarantee customer satisfaction for a reasonable price. 

How to Find the Best Auto Transport Company for Long-Distance Boat Transportation?

Boat shipping can never be easy; it requires a lot of planning and extensive expertise. It is essential to look for a proper auto transport company to carry out the transporting process successfully. Moreover, not every shipping company offers boat transport services, and not all have the experience and equipment to perform long-distance boat shipping.

Criteria to look for in a trustworthy shipping company

  • The company must be licensed and have the appropriate permits from the Department of Transportation (DOT); regulated service providers often share their MC number on their website or provide it to the customers to check on their legal situation. You should never trust an auto transport company if it doesn’t provide an accurate \ authorized number.
  • They should have professional connections with local marinas and must keep updated with local laws.
  • The company should have relevant experience in boat shipping and all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a safe long-distance boat transportation process.

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How Much Does Long-Distance Boat Transportation Cost?

The shipping cost differs from one shipping company to another, and it also differs within the same company depending on several factors, including:

Boat Dimensions

One of the most essential factors that affect the shipping cost is the boat measures; to be able to calculate an estimation quote, auto transport companies ask for these boat measurements:

  • The boat length: the vessel’s overall length is the total length from the bow tip in a straight line to the vessel’s rear, excluding any attachments such as handles, rudders and outboard motors, and motor brackets.
  • The boat height: is measured from the keel’s bottom to the highest non-removable part of the vessel. The maximum bridge clearance in the USA is about 13 feet 6 inches. Boats with a height that exceeds this height limit while loaded on a trailer need special routing and handling. Therefore the boat height measuring must be accurate.
  • The boat width: the overall width is measured at the widest point from one side of the vessel to the other, including all attachments. If the boat width is greater than 8 feet 6 inches, it is considered a big boat and requires a permit to be transported across the states.


Another part of the quote equation is how far the boat will travel; shorter trips cost less than long-distance shipping orders. However, a short distance is not necessarily cheaper since it increases per mile travel costs. 

The Season

Boat shipping is a seasonal service; the demands for the service increase during spring and summer. Therefore, transportation prices rise from April to August. The best time to ship a boat is in winter and autumn because the federal highways are always working, so the route can be shorter, and the whole transporting process will be more economical.

The Transporting Method

Transporting a boat using enclosed trailers will cost more than open trailers since the first provides complete protection against external factors. In addition, the open trailer can fit more boats than the enclosed one.

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Long Distance Boat Transportation Preparations

Auto transport companies aren’t the only party responsible for the shipped boat safety; the vessel owner is also accountable for properly preparing their boat before sending it to its next destination, following these steps:

  • Remove all personal belongings and secure loose items tightly to prevent possible damage while in transit. Because leaving some personal items will increase the boat’s overall weight, auto transport companies’ insurance doesn’t cover any loss in items left in the vessel.
  • Drain water from the boat’s water system and air conditioners. Then, disconnect the batteries and secure them carefully before locking the cabin and taping all windows to prevent any possible harm during shipping.
  • Documenting the boat’s pre-shipping condition is essential to guarantee that the company will be responsible for any new damage that may accrue along the journey. Start by cleaning the boat and writing down any existing scratches or damage and take pictures if necessary, then submit the document to the service provider. When the vessel reaches its new destination, inspect it carefully before signing the delivery papers.


To accomplish successful long-distance boat transportation, the auto transport company and the vessel owners’ efforts should meet to ensure a safe and secure journey to the boat.

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