Tips from Expert on Auto Shipping for College Students in the USA

Tips from Expert on Auto Shipping for College Students in the USA
Published on May 27, 2022

High school is over, applications were sent, and college admissions were received. Now, it is time to move on to the next level, and with packing things, the same question arises: “should it stay, leave, or come?”.

High-value belongings such as cars need some planning to move from your hometown to the campus. Taking your auto with you to college facilitates your transportation in the new city and improves your lifestyle. In addition, it means keeping some of your old memories and sweet moments with you.

Car shipping for college students is a reasonable option because it saves time and effort and provides a safer method than driving to the new destination. Here are some tips from an auto transport company about car shipping for college students in the USA.

Why Do College Students Need Their Cars?

College students need their cars for various reasons. For example, it comes in handy to travel around a new area with a car or go for a hustle-free grocery shopping. Even better, it provides more freedom in choosing a residence since the student will not necessarily be obligated to live on campus with a roommate.

Why Choose Auto Shipping for College Students?

Some might think a road trip to the campus could be quite an adventure before starting the semester and consider driving their vehicle rather than shipping it. But conversely, auto shipping for college students is more convenient and essential than people think:


Driving your car to the campus is not as easy as you think, especially if your hometown is not close to your school. Sometimes, the trip would take days, and the weather might not suit a long journey. Shipping your car gives you more time to spend with your family and friends before you leave. You can also travel to the campus ahead and start exploring the place until your car arrives.


No one likes surprises on the way to a new life, and driving for a long distance has many. It is also safer and more secure, avoiding accidents or unpleasant malfunctions.


Suppose you can’t decide whether you need your car on campus or not; you can decide at any time with auto shipping. After arriving at the new place, settle down, tour around and get to know the campus well; then, if you decide you will need your car, the car shipping for college student services will cover all the details.

When to Use Auto Shipping for College Students

August is the peak season for auto shipping for college students as they prepare to move out of their parent’s homes. Therefore, it is best to consider scheduling a car shipping earlier than your arrival date to ensure that no delay will occur.

Tips for Auto Shipping for College Students

Auto shipping for college students might seem complicated if you’re doing it for the first time. Because it is a single delivery and you want it delivered to the campus on time. We present you with several tips about auto shipping for college students in the USA.

What to do before shipping a car for a college student?

After you have chosen a carrier for your car, it is time to prepare the vehicle:

  1. Conduct general checkups and ensure all parts are functional, no oil leakage, and the breaks are in good shape. It protects your car from getting damaged on the road.
  2. Wash the car interior and exterior as you want to receive a clean auto ready to roll, not wasting your time finding a nearby car-washing service when you receive it.
  3. Empty your personal belongings of the storage compartment, door side, backseat, and trunk. Do not leave any important documents, money, jewelry, or any valuable item that can be stolen.
  4. Contrary to expected, it would help if you left the gas tank only a fourth full because it is safer to transport a car without filling the tank.
  5. Do not forget to fold the mirrors, secure all attached parts, and retract the antenna.

Here is a detailed Guide to Car Shipping for College Students.

How to Schedule Car Shipping for College Students?

Enquire about the approximate time of your arrival on the campus and leave a day or two for the car shipping because you do not want to add another stress factor since you’ll have enough to worry about.

Inform about the distance between your home and campus, then calculate the days needed for transporting your vehicle, as according to the DOT in the USA, car shipping drivers are not allowed to drive more than 500 miles per day.

 For example, if you need to arrive on campus on August 20, the car must be received on August 21 or 22. And if the distance between home and the university is 3500 miles, then auto shipping will take approximately seven days, which means the shipping date should be August 14.

Stay in Touch with the Auto Transport Company

Keep in contact with the shipping company, so you would have an update on the time and know if anything happens, such as a delay or an accident, to have enough time to make changes to your plans.  


Car shipping for college students has never been easier, and nowadays, many companies offer this service on a professional level. Tempus Logix has years of experience in transporting vehicles across the states. You can check the company’s website online to learn more about car transportation services and read over 1000 reviews from satisfied customers.

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