Montana Car Shipping and How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

Montana Car Shipping and How to Choose an Auto Transport Company
Published on October 11, 2022

Having a vacation in one of the most nature-rich states in the US is a great idea. The breathtaking attractions and fresh weather will recharge your life battery, refresh your soul, and distract your mind from daily life stress. Hiking, mountain ranges, and outdoor activities are great ways to forget the work routine and try something different.

However, do you know when the vacation turns into a real headache? When it’s a last-minute trip. You won’t have enough time to figure out your travel checklist, explore your destination, or even notify your employer that you will be away. And in the middle of all this tension, one puzzling question pops, “how to take my car along!” Well, Montana auto transport companies are here to serve and have a very adventitious service that will end your misery, expedited shipping.

What is expedited shipping, and what should you know about it? Keep reading.

What is Expedited Car Shipping? 

Expedited car transport is the speediest way to transport your car to the required destination; it stands out because the standard transport service usually takes 1-7 days. However, the expedited shipping service ensures your car arrives in Montana in an average of 48 hours only. The fee is around 40% more than a standard transport service.

Shipping Type Matters 

Even though the expedited transport service will ensure that the Montana auto transport company prioritizes your car’s pick-up and delivery, there are some factors they can’t control.

One of these factors is the trailer’s type. It’s known that open trailers are many and occupy around 80% of Montana auto transport companies’ fleets. However, enclosed carriers are few and may already be on the road completing some luxurious car shipments. Consequently, the chances of finding a place for your car are higher on an open trailer than on an enclosed one.

The fee for an open trailer is also lower than for an enclosed one. So, if you want to accelerate your car’s delivery and pay an economical price, go for an open trailer.

Read more about Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport.

It’s the Same Procedure

Many think the last-minute vehicle shipping service requires different procedures and paperwork than the standard one. However, this belief is false.

The only difference between the standard and the expedited car shipping service is the fee. The booking process is also the same; you only have to request a quote from the online car shipping quote calculator by providing information about your current location, destination, and transport type. You can contact consumer service to accelerate your order and set a date when you receive your quote—nothing more, nothing less.

Remember that It’s Okay to Send Some Belongings

When you have enough on your plate to plan your vacation, from packing your bags to booking your flight, Montana auto transport companies will be there to lift a burden off your shoulders. Montana auto transport companies allow clients to pack some suitcases and belongings for free unless they weigh more than 100 lbs.

In addition, if you aren’t planning on ruining your trip by dragging heavy suitcases around the airport, you can pay an extra fee for fitting all the bags in your shipped car after consulting the auto transport company.

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Tips for Using the Expedited Shipping Service:

Many things might slip your mind while planning your last-minute vacation. You will be compressed in time and doing everything in a hurry. But when it comes to your dear car, you should never compromise.

Find the best Montana auto transport company

We understand that you have a limited period and no time to waste. However, that doesn’t mean you should go with any auto transport company. The shipping process is a very intricate one and requires advanced equipment, as well as veteran drivers.

Actually, those aren’t things you will find in any company in the market. So, it would help to look for a trustworthy Montana auto transport company to deliver your car unimpaired.

Tempus Logix has access to a fleet of the most progressing carriers and seasoned operators; the online cost calculator is free; enter the information about your destination, vehicle information, and carrier’s type, and wait for your car shipping quote. 

Prepare your car properly

A reliable Montana auto transport company will haul and unload your automobile safely. However, not everything is the company’s responsibility, and many preparations fall on the car owners. 

  • Top off the fluids
  • Reserve a quarter of the gas tank only
  • Ensure the battery is charged
  • Prepare an additional set of keys
  • Ensure the tires are properly inflated
  • Clean your vehicle squeakily

Discuss the insurance coverage

The FMCSA commits all reputable Montana auto transport companies to grant all shipped car owners insurance to pay for any damage during the trip. But not all auto transport companies offer the same insurance. So, you must ensure that the insurance the company offers is reasonable and matches your needs.


The expedited car shipping service is fast and trustworthy in cases of last-minute trips. However, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of your trip’s preparations, ensure you give your car what it deserves by hiring a reputable, professional Montana auto transport company and preparing correctly.

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