Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Shipping
Published on May 25, 2022

As the number of investors in the classic cars field increases gradually, the need for transporting these vehicles is on the rise. Classic and collectible car owners might need to get their car shipped to an auto show, auction, or even a buyer, which raises many questions and concerns about auto transport companies and their services. This article will answer all the questions that might cross a client’s mind about classic car shipping.

Why Should I Ship My Classic Car?

You should ship your classic car because it’s a valuable belonging. Driving it from one place to another might reduce its value due to any damage caused by various circumstances on the road, like weather conditions, accidents, scratches, and others. Classic car maintenance isn’t easy because finding replacement parts is nearly impossible, let alone finding an expert who knows how to handle vintage vehicles professionally.

Furthermore, classic car shipping saves the owner time and energy since driving a classic car for long distances might not be that convenient.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship My Collectible Car?

There’s no fixed answer for such a question because many factors contribute to the classic car shipping cost. For example, when you contact an auto transport company to get a quote, they’ll ask about the car’s model and weight, pick-up location, delivery destination, timeframe, insurance status, etc. The shipping company will quote accordingly depending on the overall situation of the trip and the collectible car.

Some companies offer a free online car shipping cost estimator so clients can immediately calculate how much they need to pay to get their vehicle transported.

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What’s the Difference between an Enclosed and an Open Trailer. Which is better?

The difference between an enclosed and an open trailer is in the service each one provides based on its specification.

An open trailer

It’s an open-air trailer where a car will be exposed to all weather conditions, like dirt, dust, sunlight, etc. The open auto transport method is the most common due to its reasonable price and acceptable quality. Many companies recommend this kind of trailer if the delivery destination is close.

An enclosed trailer

It has four walls and a roof, in a way or another, it looks like a container on wheels, which means that nothing from the surrounding environment will be able to reach the car and cause any damage. This service is highly secure and guarantees a high level of protection. So, it’s more expensive and takes a long time to prepare, haul, and deliver the vehicle.

An enclosed trailer is the unnegotiable answer for classic car shipping. This kind of trailer guarantees the best protection to the collectible car from road hazards and harsh weather conditions that a vehicle might encounter throughout the trip.

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Can I Ship My Inoperable Classic Car?

Yes, you can ship your inoperable classic cars. Most classic car shipping companies provide transport services for cars that don’t run. The carrier asks about the car’s state and why it doesn’t run; is it because of a flat tire, flat battery, or is it entirely wrecked, so they figure out how to handle the transportation without causing any damage to the car. But, transporting an inoperable classic car requires extra care; consequently, additional fees.

How Can I Guarantee My Classic Car’s Safety?

It’s all about hiring a trustworthy classic car shipping company. A client has to conduct comprehensive research on the selected company by reading previous clients’ reviews, checking the quality and efficiency of its equipment and vehicles, and how long they have been in the field. 

Tempus Logix is a vehicle transportation company with a massive network of over 25,000 shippers and a proven record of success delivering over 30,000 cars nationwide. The company has over 1000 reviews online from satisfied clients.

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How to Prepare My Classic Car for the Shipment?

To prepare a classic car for shipment, you must follow these steps:

  1. Clean the car inside out, so it becomes spotless.
  2. Remove all belongings and valuable items.
  3. Check out the fluids.
  4. Charge the battery.
  5. Document the car’s state.

How Can I Document the Car’s Condition Before the Shipment?

To document a car’s condition before shipment, take photos, and record videos of the classic vehicle to confirm its condition before shipping. The car should be clean and sportless, so all the scratches and existing damage are visible in the photos/videos.

Is My Vehicle Insured during the Shipment?

All classic car shipping companies cover the damages that might occur during the load and unload of the car. Insurances differ from one company to another. In addition, the coverage amount will be divided among all the vehicles in the trailer. So, the more the cars, the less the coverage. You should always check the insurance conditions with the carrier.

Can a Transport Company Deliver My Classic Car to My Home?

Most companies provide door-to-door service, and they pick up the car right from the client’s door and deliver it to the new owner. However, this service isn’t applicable in all cases since there’re a lot of restrictions on large trucks as they’re huge and might not be able to access residential areas and turn into narrow streets.

But this service is better than terminal-to-terminal shipping service if the car is inoperable. 

How Far in Advance should I Book a Shipper?

If it’s the first time a client is shipping their classic car, they should book the shipper two weeks in advance to have enough time to figure out their options and prepare the vehicle properly. On the other hand, suppose the owner is familiar with the classic car shipping process; 5-7 days is enough. After all, it depends on the destination and how far it is.

In Short

It’s hard to trust a classic car transport company as the risks are many and the car is precious. However, when a client gets an answer to all their questions and is well-informed about the whole process and the car shipping steps from A to Z, it might give them peace of mind and the courage to hire a trustworthy classic car shipping company.

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