Enclosed Car Shipping Pros and Cons

Enclosed Car Shipping Pros and Cons
Published on May 28, 2022

Many factors impact making the right decision when it comes to choosing a car shipping trailer. Auto transportation is about maintaining the safety and good condition of the cars, not just moving them from point A to point B. Therefore, selecting a suitable trailer plays a significant role in the operation.

Many people consider enclosed car shipping as the best option. Nevertheless, the best does not always have to be the most convenient. Just as enclosed car shipping has many pros, it also has some cons. This article will demonstrate both advantages and disadvantages of enclosed trailers.

The Difference Between Enclosed and Open Car Shipping

In open shipping, cars are driven over the trailer’s ramps and fixed with tie ropes. The loaded vehicles are exposed to outdoor elements and debris from the surrounding environment and nearby cars.

Meanwhile, enclosed shipping includes a trailer with four walls and a rooftop; it also has a hydraulic lift that facilitates the loading process. Add to that drip pans to protect cars from leakage or damage. Enclosed car shipping capacity is low compared to open shipping.

Advantages of Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed auto transport trailers provide many features allowing them to excel in auto transportation, representing the ideal solution to transport specific vehicles like classic and sports cars.

Safety and security

Accidents, thefts, and slip-ups could happen during car transportation. Luckily, enclosed car shipping reduces that possibility to the minimum. All doors are securely locked and hard to access, and enclosed trailers are equipped with paddles on the sides to keep the vehicle safe and sound. Moreover, the walls of enclosed car trailers are made up of rigid materials that are hard to break through.

Protection from hazards

Weather and road hazards are responsible for causing damage to cars during transportation, where rain, snow, winds, debris, and even sunlight can harm the auto’s interior and exterior. In short, with enclosed car shipping, your car will be isolated from any external or environmental factors and temperature changes.

Prevent damage while hauling

Enclosed auto transport trailers are equipped with a lift to assist in loading / unloading the vehicles. The lift increases safety measures and avoids causing any damage to the car during the transportation procedures.

Premium services

Choosing enclosed car shipping opens the doors wide to many premium services where expert drivers devote themselves to transporting your vehicle with ultimate care. For example:

  • A single-vehicle enclosed trailer is an excellent option for classic cars and sports cars. Although the price would be higher, the service ensures no other vehicle will be shipped within the same trailer. Read about the tips to safely transport your classic car.
  • A white-glove service will keep you updated around the clock regarding the shipment and ensure the drivers are handling the vehicle with care to every detail.

Perfect for roofless cars

Shipping sports and classic roofless cars is always a big problem for their owners. People don’t want anything to harm their valuable vehicles, no matter what the season is, roofless cars are a weak point for their owners. Therefore, enclosed car trailers are the best option regardless of weather conditions.

Read more about the advantages of enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed Car Shipping Cons

Although people prefer enclosed shipping, some clients hesitate to choose it due to its disadvantages.

Less available enclosed haulers

Not all companies can provide enclosed auto shipping. Service providers are limited, and you might need to make a reservation in advance. Moreover, if you want to transport more than eight cars through enclosed shipping, it will take more than one shipment, increasing the price and time frame of the operation. 

The price is high

Enclosed auto shipping is more expensive because of all the provided features, which provokes the need for a larger budget. It does not seem such a big problem for large corporations, but for small businesses or individuals, it could be a real obstacle.  

Low capacity

Enclosed car transport carriers are dedicated to shipping a small number of cars, where the largest possible capacity in the two-story enclosed trailer is only eight cars. For some clients, this is not enough, especially car dealers. 

Fewer inspections and fuel-efficiency

Although enclosed auto trailers carry fewer cars than open trailers, they consume more fuel due to their heavyweight. Regular vehicle inspections through enclosed shipping are not simple to manage, leading to fewer check-ups on your car and the need for additional services.


Enclosed car shipping offers an attractive package of vehicle transportation services. It becomes a must when shipping valuable cars like sports or classic cars, but the prices differ significantly, making clients hesitate. However, everything has a cost, and getting premium care during the transportation process requires paying extra fees. Otherwise, open car shipping trailers are ready to offer affordable transportation.

Tempus Logix offers open and enclosed trailers to handle all kinds of vehicle transportation across the United States. The company has a vast network of over 25,000 shippers and has successfully delivered over 30,000 vehicles.

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