How Much Does Race Car Shipping Cost?

How Much Does Race Car Shipping Cost?
Published on July 11, 2022

Race cars are known for their high performance and elegant design. Therefore, it takes a lot of attention to transport them safely and securely from one race to another.

There are many elements involved in calculating the race car shipping cost. So, it is essential to understand how the shipping process is being carried out, how those elements can affect the vehicle transportation cost and how auto transport companies achieve the right balance between the service quality and the price.

How Much Does Race Car Shipping Cost?

There is no one and simple answer to this question because many factors need to be considered to determine each race car’s shipping cost separately. Those factors can be divided into two primary groups.

Race car shipping costs related to the transport company operations

Auto transport companies are aware of how valuable race cars are, so they always try to provide the best service by performing the following steps:

  • Selecting the best shipping method: It significantly affects race car shipping costs since those cars are unique and must be shipped carefully. They are known for having a lower ground clearance than standard vehicles. Loading them on an open trailer is not the smartest move.

Auto transport companies often advise race car owners to go with the enclosed transport trailers with a hydraulic lift to facilitate the loading process and ensure a safe load. Moreover, enclosed trailers guarantee the shipped vehicles 360-degree protection against external factors and bad weather conditions.

  • Secure the race car: after loading it safely on the trailer using the hydraulic lift, the auto transport company’s team will secure the transported car in place, preventing it from moving and shaking right and left, forward and backward. 

They usually use nylon straps and soft tie-downs to protect the car body from getting damaged by solid tie-downs such as chains.  

  • Provide insurance: another factor included in the transport cost calculation is the insurance coverage offered by the company. If found, auto transport companies will ask the car owners to write down all existing scratches, mechanics malfunctions, and fluid leaks and submit them to the company to take the proper precautions.

After delivery, the race car owner must scrutinize the car, looking for any new damage and comparing it to the pre-shipping condition. The company will be responsible for all additional damages that accrue during shipping. 

Race car shipping costs related to the transporting operation details

  • The travel distance: it is quite obvious that long-distance transportation costs more than shorter distances because the further the drop-off location from the pick-up point is, the more the auto transport company will have to pay for fuel, tolls, and labor costs. However, it is worth mentioning that shorter travel distances may not necessarily mean lower prices since the cost per mile will increase in the case of fewer miles traveled. 
  • The car model: race cars are smaller and lighter than standard vehicles, but this doesn’t mean that race car shipping costs are cheaper; auto transport companies need to be very cautious when transporting this type of vehicle because most race cars are expensive and customized. 
  • Time of the year: race car shipping costs can vary depending on the shipping timing; transporting during winter usually costs less than in summer and spring since the last two are preferred seasons to go on vacations, which means higher shipping prices. Remember that winter transportation may take longer than planned due to unexpected weather conditions.
  • Last-minute changes: the transport process must be planned before a head to guarantee the company will make all the preparations smoothly. However, car owners sometimes need to make a few last-minute decisions. If the carrier driver can’t adjust to those changes, the car owner will have to pay a rescheduling fee. Therefore, making a checklist and confirming all details with the transport provider before shipping is always recommended.
  • Modified sports car: another factor to consider is the car modifications, especially if these modifications lead to change in the race car size or weight; the larger and heavier the car is, the more the fee increases. Thus. It is essential to inform the shipping company about modifications from the beginning. 

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How to Make the Right Decision

Race car owners may mistakenly choose an auto transport company depending on the shipping cost. Some may book the highest price service, believing it’s the wisest decision. However, going for a cheap transport service to save money isn’t a good choice either.

To make the right decision, race car owners must compare the quotes, included services, and the auto transport companies; then decide based on the best combination of the three factors.


Race car shipping costs can be affected by several factors; each impacts the final fee. Therefore, car owners must be aware of all transportation details and hire a company that provides reliable service and a reasonable cost. 

Tempus Logix offers affordable race car transportation along with best-in-class services to ensure the vehicle’s safety and timely delivery. With over 1000 positive reviews online and more than 30,000 delivered cars across the United States, its track record of success speaks for itself.

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