Your Essential Checklist for Moving to Another State

Your Essential Checklist for Moving to Another State
Published on September 12, 2022 at 8:49 am GMT

Moving to another state is a huge undertaking in one’s life; it’s stressful, energy, and time-consuming. You will be looking for a new home, emptying your current one, packing your possessions, and much more. 

However, with thorough planning and comprehensive preparations, your move will be a walk in the park. So, the first step after you decide to move to another state is establishing a checklist, making a move smooth, easy, and stress-free. Here is your essential checklist for moving to another state.

Create a Realistic Budget

Moving to another state is never cheap; there are many expenses involved. So, you better plan and establish a detailed budget to be on the right track. Your move to another state isn’t only about booking the flight and renting a house; instead, there will be many other expenses you have to consider.

For example, you will need to hire a moving company and auto transport company, pay for moving supplies, book a hotel room, etc. So, prepare your moving checklist ASAP, and remember to set around 10% of the budget as side money to cover any unplanned or surprising expenses.

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Find a House

Spending long days in hotels before finding proper accommodation will break your budget and make your first days in the new state unpleasant. So, never leave your current house until you’re 100% sure your new accommodation is ready. 

We’re telling you that finding a house that fits your needs and budget won’t be easy. However, this is one of the most crucial steps for planning your move, so don’t feel pressured if it takes a long time.

You must utilize all resources possible to get matched with the best house. For example, you can look online, talk with a real estate broker, and ask your acquaintances. By that, they will have many options, expanding your search scale and varying your options.

It’s recommended to rent a place that’s close to your kids’ schools and not far from the city. It would also help to visit the place and get to know the neighborhood completely before saying yes to the house.  

And if you get fortunate and find the perfect house, we advise you to rent it for no more than six months. This time is long enough for you to figure out your situation in the new state and decide whether you should stand your ground or move back.

Research the Job Market

You are about to start a whole new journey in the state you’re moving to, and having a job is necessary to live a decent and comfortable life. The truth is, you might not get lucky to find a job before actually moving.

So, you must do your homework and study the job market there. Are there many available jobs for your specialty and work experience? How much is the salary range in the state? Will it cover your expenses, or do you have to use your side income? 

Consider all these questions and find an answer before booking the flight because they are deal breakers.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

If you’re not planning on breaking the budget and purchasing a whole new set of furniture and home necessities, you better start looking for a trustworthy moving company to deliver your current belongings to the new home

Options are many, and the time is tight, so researching moving companies online will save you a great deal of time. Research moving companies’ websites and look for the one with the best report with past clients and a long experience in successfully transporting all kinds of furniture and belongings.

Arrange Your Vehicle’s Transport

Moving to another state without having a car will be tense, and buying a new vehicle will be budget-breaking and time-consuming. Driving your car to the new accommodation isn’t the best idea, either. You will wear and tear your vehicle and expose it, yourself, and your family to dangers. 

Consequently, the safest bet is to keep your old buddy, your current car. Hiring an auto transport company is very economical and money-saving in the case of moving to another state, unlike many beliefs. So, start by finding a professional auto shipping company to get your car to the new home safe and fast. 

Visit auto shipping companies’ websites, contact customer service to get answers to all your questions, and request a quote. It’s advisable to order as many quotes as possible from different auto shipping companies and compare them. By that, you can compromise and hire the company that offers the professional service you want for the expenses you’re willing to pay. 

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Tempus Logix has handled the move of over 30,000 vehicles across the United States since its network of shippers includes over 25,000 connections. In addition, happy clients have rated the company more than 1000 times positively. So, it will definitely be worthy of your trust.

The Bottom Line 

No matter how stressful moving to another state might seem, thorough planning will make everything easy. Considering the tips mentioned above for setting a moving checklist will guarantee you a successful and smooth move. 

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