How does car transport work?

How does car transport work?
Published on April 28, 2020

In Tempus Logix, we do it in three simple steps. The first step is on our customers, and the rest is on us and our carriers.

1. You ask for a quote

2. We haul your car

3. We deliver your car

From the moment you contact us, our car shipping experts will actively search for transporters, the best routes, and the best price options for you. After you decide to follow through with your order, the carrier will call you to arrange the pickup. When he arrives at your preferred location to haul the car, he will thoroughly inspect it for any damages, or anything unusual, to record on BOL (Bill of Lading). Once the transporting is taking place, we will notify you 24 hours before its arrival and then with another notice 2 to 4 hours before the actual delivery. Once delivered, the carrier and you will inspect the car again to ensure he will have transported it unblemished.

With Tempus Logix, damages due to transporting are extremely rare.

Dear Customers,

We cannot emphasize enough how much we care for your satisfaction. Other than having mandatory and legally insured carriers to transport your car, we are there with you, by your side, all the way. Regardless, whether it is even the smallest scratch or something that happened out of anyone’s control, we will always be there to make everything the way you want it to be, and we will make this happen headache free.

Please know that the sole purpose for which Tempus Logix exists is to safely transport cars or heavy equipment in the shortest time and at affordable prices to their owners. It is just what we do. We are experts at this, and we became experts for our customers because Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.

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