Things You Wish You Knew Before Moving Out of State For College

Things You Wish You Knew Before Moving Out of State For College
Published on July 26, 2022 at 9:15 am GMT

Moving out of state for college is a life-changing event, and it requires comprehensive planning and preparations to run like clockwork. You will be experiencing a whole new independence level. So, it is important to have a clear idea about how to get ready for this hectic new chapter in your life. Listed below are essential tips you should know before moving out for college: 

Get to Know Your New Neighborhood in Advance

The first step before moving to a new state is doing enough research to find out all the essential information about the destination city. Make sure to choose a safe neighborhood by checking the crime rates there; you also have to pay attention to weather differences; low temperatures require more investment in winter clothes.

After arriving, take some time to familiarize yourself with the campus and its surroundings, including grocery stores, coffee shops, entertainment centers, and nearby towns to spend your weekends. One more thing to verify is whether or not you will need to bring your car along when moving out of state for college.

Establish A Routine

Once in college, your schedule will be tight between classes, work, studying, and sparing some time to socialize and have fun. So, if you fail to establish a routine, things may get chaotic to the point you won’t be able to accomplish even the most basic tasks. Therefore, organizing a schedule will help you maintain a good balance in your life and keep on track with all of your responsibilities.

The established routine should include setting well-ordered study times, a weekly to-do list, and some activities to entertain yourself. However, failing to follow up with the planned schedule all the time is not a big deal. The routine is there to help you get back on track whenever things get messy.

Ship Your Car

Since you’ll need your car almost all the time while in the new state for various purposes like attending courses and hanging out with friends, leaving it behind might not be the best decision. So, you will have two options: driving your car to the new settlement or hiring an auto transport company

However, moving out of state for college is already a stress overload. So, why not save the trouble? Here are the main two reasons why transporting your car is way better than driving:

  • Shipping is safer than driving: long-distance driving is extremely tiring, especially for non-professionals, resulting in a higher likelihood of getting into an accident due to fatigue. In addition, your car might get damaged due to road hazards, uneven streets, and many others.
  • Shipping is cheaper than driving: many people think transporting their cars will cost more than driving them. So they turn to that option without even thinking. But actually, hiring an auto transport company to carry out the shipping when moving out of state for college is more economical. 

Read more about Why You Should Ship Your Car to College.

Think about booking hotel rooms along the way, the time you will spend driving, and fuel consumption. Furthermore, your car will be affected by the long ride, especially the wheels.

How to choose the best auto transport company?

Finding a trustworthy shipping company is not accessible due to the vast number of transport providers. These are the significant factors to consider before making your decision:

  • Go for a registered company with a valid MC number. Unlicensed companies aren’t trustworthy, and it is illegal to deal with them; contact the transport department to verify companies’ legal information or check their MC number using the FMCSA website. 
  • The company must have all necessary equipment and experienced staff to implement a safe transport process for both shipping methods, enclosed and open. Read about Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping.
  • The company must offer insurance covering all damage that may occur while in transit; ask for more details about the insurance and what type of damage the company will be responsible for.  
  • Check customer reviews to evaluate the company’s reliability; reading about transport experiences shared by people who received the exact service you want to book can tell a lot about what to expect from the service provider. 

Tempus Logix is an auto transport company licensed and bonded with FMCSA and USDOT. The company has delivered more than 30,000 vehicles across the US and has over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients who entrusted their cars to its shipping services.

Don’t Pack Your Things Randomly

You surely want to take all necessary things before moving out of state for college, but before starting to pack randomly, you might want to consider:

  • Things you will need: start with organizing the essential things in boxes first, including clothes, bedding, and toiletries.
  • Things you don’t need but would like to take along: after packing all prior belongings, and if there is still space to ship more, you can choose a few things you love but will not use after moving out of state for college. Remember that everything will have to be unpacked and organized again, so pick your items wisely.


Moving out of state can be fun or stressful, depending on how you plan and prepare for it. Don’t forget to start planning early to avoid chaotic last minutes. Enjoy the new experience!

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