Things That Will Affect Your Truck Shipping Quote

Things That Will Affect Your Truck Shipping Quote
Published on November 24, 2021

Figuring out how you will ship your truck does not have to be a hustle. To lessen the burden, you always want to start with obtaining as much knowledge as possible. You can use a car shipping calculator to get your quote from a specific vehicle transportation company you’re considering to choose.

But while the calculator considers various factors that will affect the shipping price, it does not elaborate how they affect it. Let’s look at those factors and ensure that you get the best result while minimizing your spending.


It only makes sense that transporting your truck over a longer distance will cost you more.
However, it doesn’t end there, as we must still consider other factors. For instance, the route of the trip or the location of the destination. Shipping over a longer distance results in a lower average price per mile. You are successfully making use of economies of scale. But, when transporting a truck, the haulers used are more massive than when transporting a standard-sized car. These bulkier, heavier haulers will often require specific roadways that can handle their size and weight. Local highways won’t do it, so this limits what roads the trucker can use. This limitation can make the trip longer.


Location matters. If you ask the vehicle transport service to deliver your truck to the middle of nowhere, with no roads around, you may guess they will require compensation by offering the delivery to the nearest parking space with easy access. Moreover, if your destination requires rural routes instead of the wide roadways of direct city routes, the transportation will cost you more. If your final location is in a rural area, consider having your truck shipped to the most convenient terminal nearby (that’s closer to a major highway), where you can pick it up. By making the drop-off easier, you can reduce the price of the service.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

The two basic choices for the method of transportation are open and enclosed auto transport. “Open transport” means that your truck will be shipped along with (generally) up to 7 cars in an open-air trailer. These usually have a top and bottom deck that allows for more cars to be loaded at once. The latter and the vehicles’ exposure to the elements during transportation (which they are supposed to be capable of withstanding), lowers the cost for this transport type, making it the more common choice.

While it is more costly, enclosed transport might be the preferred choice for you. It is the better choice for vintage or luxury car transport.

Also, enclosed transport sounds a little better if you’re transporting an automobile in the middle of winter or through states with terrible weather conditions, such as a snowstorm. Despite the higher cost and possibly more limited ship date options, this is the way to go if you want your truck handled more carefully and protected from dirt, dust, and possible harsh weather throughout the trip.

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Licensed car carriers are required to have cargo insurance. To choose the right option for the value of your truck, make sure to look at the insurance options offered by the transport service, what extent and kind of damage each type covers, and their respective limitations and (if applicable) deductibles.

Ready to Go!

You can get your quote from Tempus Logix easily using our car-shipping calculator. With this knowledge, everything should go smoothly in your search for the best-looking price! Our experts are always available to help you determine the finest truck shipping solutions. If you have any questions, please phone, message, or email us. We will respond promptly.

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