Planning to Ship a Truck? Consider These Tips First

Planning to Ship a Truck? Consider These Tips First
Published on May 18, 2022

Shipping a truck is not easy because not all transport companies are qualified enough for such a job. It requires having experience, equipment, and a capable team. Therefore, finding the right company is an essential step in the process. Moreover, multiple other factors affect heavy-duty transportation, including some client responsibilities. This article will introduce the practical tips for shipping any heavy-duty vehicle or truck.

Pick the Suitable Transportation Company

It is your responsibility to do some research and narrow down the options. This step helps to select the most reliable one. A good vehicle shipping company must meet the following standards:

  1. The company must be licensed by the Transport Department and have all the legal permits to ship trucks across the states since there are many legal restrictions.
  2. The company must have all the needed equipment to transport heavy trucks; they usually use a trailer with a semi-truck as a transport method. A skillful team is also required; they will be responsible for your truck shipping process, from loading it on the trailer to delivering it to its destination.
  3. Good feedback from other customers is a must. The best way to find out more about a company is to check other customers’ experiences online.

Tempus Logix is an automobile transportation company that combines all the above standards. A licensed and experienced shipping provider with over a thousand positive reviews online.

Know the Difference between a Shipping Company and a Broker

Brokers don’t own the trucks used for transportation; they only work as an intermediate between clients looking for the shipping service and those who can provide this type of service. So when dealing with a broker, it is more likely that you will have to pay a bit more. However, brokers facilitate the whole process for their clients and can connect with many shipping professionals nationwide.

While on the other hand, shipping companies own everything and have complete control over the whole process; you won’t face any communication issues because you are dealing with the transporter directly. It is an advantage for sure, but it bears more responsibilities because the client has to ensure everything else is correct, like the insurance policy.

Know How Much Does It Cost to Ship Your Truck

Automobile transportation companies price their services depending on:

  • The live market data on the day of booking
  • The time of year when the shipping is taking place
  • What type of vehicle is required to be shipped
  • The truck’s condition, measurements, and weight
  • Distance also plays a vital role in pricing; longer distance means more costs.
  • Another important detail about the shipping is the delivery time. It is better to schedule the transportation a few weeks earlier to get the best price offer. If someone asks for their truck to get shipped in a few days, they will have to pay extra for the short notice.

There are many factors included in the pricing process. So, contact the shipping company and provide them with all details. Some companies offer online shipping cost estimators on their websites for quick calculation.

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Learn How to Prepare Your Truck for Shipping

After deciding what company to deal with and knowing the approximate price, you must prepare your truck before the transporting process. This step is crucial to ensure your truck’s safety and avoid potential damage.

Start with removing all personal and valuable items

There are two primary reasons you have to make sure the truck is empty. The first one concerns safety since shipping companies don’t take responsibility for lost or damaged items left inside the truck.

The second reason is the cost; the items will add more weight to your truck, and some of these belongings may be pretty heavy, which will increase the shipping cost.

Document the truck condition

Examine your truck carefully and look for any scratches or damage; write down every detail and support it with pictures. Send a copy of the documents to the shipping company to make sure they are fully aware of the vehicle’s condition. Ask for the insurance policies to know what type of damage they will be responsible for in case of unwanted accidents during the process.

Fix the leaks or any other deterioration that may cause trouble

Although it is not critical to repair the truck or fix everything before the shipping, it is still essential to ensure that the truck is working. If the battery is damaged, you better replace it first; if there are any leaks, it should be fixed first, or at least let the transporter know so they can take the necessary precautions.

Get to Know About Shipping Options

There are two options for transporting vehicles, enclosed transport and open transport; each suits a specific type of vehicle. While enclosed trailers are the best choice to ship a collectible car due to their high level of protection, open trailers are the suitable method to transport trucks and other heavy equipment. It’s not difficult to get an open auto transport service. Still, as mentioned earlier, not all companies can handle shipping a truck because it requires more experience to complete the process safely.

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If you want to ship your truck, you must choose the transport company with the utmost care and get more information about the shipping method and how much it will cost. To avoid unexpected results, you also have to prepare your truck properly before shipping.

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