Top 3 Ways to Ship Motorcycle Safe and Sound

Top 3 Ways to Ship Motorcycle Safe and Sound
Published on August 9, 2023

Flying down the highway and refreshing your soul with the cold air is a feeling that no motorcyclist would ever compromise with anything. However, driving your motorcycle will threaten you and the vehicle when the trip is long and the destination is far.

So, you better consider alternative solutions. Hiring a shipping company to deliver your motorbike to the destination required is the safest and most professional way to transport your vehicle. But before doing so, you must familiarize yourself with the top three ways to ship your motorcycle safely and sound.  

1.      Crated shipping

Crated shipping is one of the most popular and safe methods to ship your motorcycle safely. Your vehicle will be safe in a plywood crate shielded from all road dangers and weather conditions. Some companies require you to find a suitable crate for your motorcycle and pack it yourself. On the other hand, others manufacture and sell high-quality boxes for clients and do the job for them. 

Using a shipping crate requires the transport company to have a forklift to fit the crates on the carrier’s back safely and quickly.

The concept of a motorcycle crate is similar to the container auto transport companies use to ship cars overseas. However, the motorcycle’s crate is made of plywood, unlike the car container, which is made of hard steel. And just like both are alike in concept, they are also similar in their use. You can put some of your bags and personal items in the crate along with your motorcycle.

However, to grant your vehicle and belongings a safe trip, you must prepare your bike for the crated journey by draining all the fluids and disconnecting the battery.

2.      Open-air shipping

On the other hand, an open trailer is just like its name implies. Motorcycles on an open trailer are exposed to all road dangers, from rocks to dust. This kind of trailer is the most affordable and economical method to transport a motorcycle if your budget is tight. 

3.      Enclosed shipping

The enclosed shipping is very much like the crated shipping. However, the main difference is that crated shipping requires only one vehicle in the crate, unlike the enclosed carrier that fits many motorcycles comfortably.

The enclosed transport protects the shipped vehicle from all dangers and is temperature controlled. So, if it’s extremely hot or freezing outside, your motorcycle won’t be affected by any means. This transport method is the most expensive of the methods mentioned above.

Prepare your motorcycle for shipping

Excellent preparations are the key to a safe shipment, whether you go for the crated, open-air, or enclosed shipping. 

●       Wipe it thoroughly and take pictures 

Because shipping a motorcycle is a risky process and no one can expect what would happen during it, transport companies always offer insurance for the shipped vehicle. This insurance usually covers any damage or scratch caused by the carrier driver. However, neither you nor the driver would notice any problem with the vehicle until you do your homework.

To spot any new chips, scratches, or dents on your motorcycle’s body, you have to wipe it thoroughly and ensure you remove all dust and dirt that might be hiding past scratches. When everything is clear, and the motorcycle is completely spotless, take pictures of all existing damages and file them to the carrier driver during the pick-up. By that, you and the driver will be able to compare the motorcycle’s pre-shipping state with the post-shipping state and notice any new issues. 

●       Check, check, check

Your motorcycle must be in its best state before shipping. So, you have to check its battery, tire pressure, and fluid levels. You should also ensure that your bike is running properly. 

●       Empty its gas tank  

 According to experts, a motorcycle’s tank must be only ¼ full during transport. A full gas tank will add to the vehicle’s weight, increasing the shipping cost and complicating the transport process. So, ensure you empty your gas tank to make your vehicle as light as possible. 

Know who you should deal with 

Shipping your motorcycle safely and sound isn’t possible without hiring a professional transport company. Do extensive research and ensure these criteria are fulfilled.

●       The company must be licensed

Companies that work and don’t obey the law are not trustworthy. The FMCSA, the party responsible for regulating transport companies, enforces many rules that guarantee the shipped vehicles’ safety. So, to ensure the company will take the best care of your motorcycle, verify its legitimacy.

●       It must have good feedback from clients

Trusting a company with your valuable vehicle isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t done any business with it before. However, some people have already done so, and they share their experience openly and honestly on the company’s website. So, read past clients’ reviews and assess the company’s reliability accordingly.

●       Consider Tempus Logix

Tempus Logix is among the most professional companies in the industry, and it has shipped tens of thousands of vehicles safely and successfully. Tempus Logix also has many online reviews from satisfied clients. So, you can trust it blindly to ship your motorcycle anywhere in the US.


After you’ve become familiar with the top ways to ship your motorcycle safely, you can now choose the one suitable for the level of protection you want for your bike and the money you’re willing to pay.

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