Choosing a Car Trailer or a Tow Dolly

Choosing a Car Trailer or a Tow Dolly
Published on September 5, 2022

There’re many ways for you to ship your car to a new settlement. You can hire an auto transport company, drive it yourself, use a tow dolly, or a car trailer. But, among all these options, most people prefer car trailers and car dollies, mainly because they’re DIY car moving methods and are primarily affordable. However, the puzzle always remains, which is better, a car dolly or a trailer?

Since each technique has its advantages and drawbacks, it will be very challenging to decide. We’ve spotlighted both options so you can make a rational decision based on knowledge about both methods. Here’s what you should know about car trailers and tow dollies.

What is a Tow Dolly?       

A tow dolly is a two-wheeled micro trailer. It tows vehicles by attaching your car’s front wheels to a dolly. Then, the dolly will be attached to another vehicle to pull the car to the required destination. A tow dolly doesn’t burn much fuel from the vehicle attached to it because it’s relatively light weighted. But, a car dolly doesn’t handle all types of cars.

What is a Car Trailer?

A car trailer is a four-wheeled vehicle carrier; it holds your vehicle entirely off the ground. Your vehicle will be lucked on the trailer during transportation. Unlike a tow dolly, a car trailer works with all cars of all kinds and weights. It protects your vehicle entirely from wear and tear. Furthermore, a car trailer is a good option for transporting vehicles for long and short distances. 

A Tow Dolly vs Car Trailer, What are the Differences? 


When you want to transport your car by a dolly, the two front wheels will be attached to the dolly, and the other rear wheels will remain on the ground. This process puts a lot of wear and tear on the car. However, if you go for a car trailer, your vehicle will be safe and secured. Front and rear wheels will be placed on the trailer, not adding any mileage to the car and protecting it from possible damage.  


When it comes to costs, a car dolly is more economical than a trailer. The cost of renting a trailer isn’t conclusive as well. However, it varies depending on many factors, including the time you rent the trailer and the distance you drive. 


Using a tow dolly isn’t as easy as it may seem. Instead, it requires a lot of experience and practice. You will have to hook the dolly many times and make many trials until it finally works.

In addition, a car dolly isn’t a very flexible option for moving cars because using it depends on the car’s make, length, weight, and ground clearance. Consequently, a tow dolly isn’t attachable to all kinds of vehicles.

On the other hand, a trailer can handle all kinds of cars, and driving it is easier. A car trailer comes with loading ramps, making loading and unloading a safe process. It’s also worth noting that car trailers have brakes while dollies don’t. 

Weight capacity 

There’s a massive difference in the weight capacity between the tow dolly and the car trailer. The latest can haul large vehicles that weigh up to 5000 pounds safely. On the other hand, the simple and basic design of the tow dolly can’t handle heavy vehicles. Instead, it’s only capable of handling lightweight cars. 

A Tow Dolly or Car Trailer, Which One Should You Choose? 

You must go for a car dolly

If your vehicle is light weighted and the distance between point A and point B is close, a car dolly is the best way to go. In addition, if you’re looking for the most cost-effective option, you will never go wrong with a tow dolly.

You must go for a trailer

If you’re not skilled enough to control a dolly, putting your car at risk of damage isn’t the wisest call. You must go for a car trailer. Furthermore, if your car is heavy and a tow dolly won’t be able to handle it, a trailer can easily handle that. 

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Other options

Hire an auto transport company 

The auto shipping service comes in handy if you want to ease your mind and ensure your car will have the most secure journey. A transporting trailer can haul up to 8 vehicles at once, and you can either go for an open or enclosed trailer. It’s worth noting that shipping service is more costly than a car dolly and a car trailer. 

Drive it yourself

Suppose your car is drivable and in a good state; driving it yourself to the required destination seems reasonable. It will save you the money spent on all the methods mentioned above, and you will guarantee that your vehicle is in the right hands. 

The Bottom Line 

Both car trailers and tow dolly are suitable methods to move your car to the required destination. But you have to consider each method’s advantages and which is the best fit for you and your car’s situation. 

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