Tempus Logix ranks 4.9 out of 5

Tempus Logix ranks 4.9 out of 5
Published on February 19, 2024

Tempus Logix, a top-rated car shipping company in the United States, hits a new record as the gold standard in car shipping.

The company is based in California and has been operating nationwide for over eight years, during which time it has reached several remarkable milestones. From its early beginnings, the company’s main goal was reflected in its slogan, ‘customer satisfaction is our top priority,’ a secret behind its extraordinary success.

After around a decade of devotion, excellent job, and hard work, the company’s efforts are rewarded with a staggering 4.9 stars out of 5 on most platforms based on thousands of customer reviews. The following is an overview of the company’s rankings on the most popular platforms:

Tempus Logix has 4.9 stars on Google, according to 1,216 customer reviews. This feedback personalizes the stories of each customer’s unique experience with the company. The following is a sample of customer reviews on Google the company is proud to have:

“We have been working with Tempus Logix for over 5 years and have had an excellent experience every time. Great customer service and always going out of their way to help. Highly recommended! Thank you!”

Claims Safeauto

“I requested Tempus Logix to transport my vehicle from Massachusetts to North Carolina. All the process was clear and satisfying. The communication was great and response time is good. It was a pleasure doing business with them. Thank you for keeping me updated during the whole process”

Leivis Navas

Tempus Logix’s rating on Facebook is 4.9 based on 305 reviews.

“It is a pleasure to have worked with you, you are very communicative and that is perfect in this business. Thanks a lot!”

Alvaro Tejada

The company is rated 4.9\5 on the Consumer Affairs website with 74 reviews.

The Better Business Bureau accredits Tempus Logix with an A+ rating, not based on customer reviews but on the organization’s special standards. It also provides a special section for customers to write reviews or file complaints, where the company again excels with 4.96/5 stars from 225 customers; this is one of the recent reviews the company had from a previous client:

“Absolutely great company to work with, the weather was not cooperating but communication was great and the car was delivered in perfect condition in enclosed transport!!!”

Alin I

With such outstanding proof of the company’s high quality of services and excellent support, Tempus Logix’s CEO expresses his gratitude to everyone who trusted the company to do their job and bring its goal of transforming customers’ experience with car shipping into reality. Here is a comment from the company’s CEO in this regard:

“No words can describe how proud we are of the remarkable upturn the company has taken during the past years. From its early days, Tempus Logix was committed to providing quality services that will satisfy clients and bring them peace of mind whenever they consider relocating a car anywhere across the country. We had a dream of improving people’s experience with car shipping, helping them have a smooth process under all conditions, and we are now celebrating the outcomes of our hard work and dedication to achieve this dream. We cannot thank our valued customers enough for believing in us and giving us a passion for giving even more!”

CEO of Tempus Logix, United States

Overall, weighing the expertise Tempus Logix has developed over more than eight years of arranging safe and efficient car shipping nationwide for all vehicle types; the company deserves to be entitled to the gold standard in car shipping. Add to this its outstanding performance and ability to satisfy customers and establish a stellar reputation in the car shipping market.

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