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How to Transport Your Classic Car across the Country

How to Transport Your Classic Car across the Country

How to Transport Your Classic Car across the Country

The century dictates that when working with best-in-class items, we follow the best-practiced patterns to get the job done like no other. When the time comes to ship classic, luxury, and exotic cars, contact the transport company with the appropriate portfolio of handling such transactions.

For arranging safe and speedy transport, you need to undertake several steps. First, research and contact a reputable car shipping company. Getting quotes from shippers is the next step, but you should abstain from making your decision based only on the lowest price offered. Note that the cost to ship a classic car depends on many factors, such as the distance (from a pickup site to drop-off site), auto model, and transport service (open vs. enclosed transport). The most productive way to size up a transport company is to research its safety records and insurance status.

Tempus Logix possesses the right tools, knowledge, and experience to work with premium clients. We are used to rendering luxury and antique car transportation services to our high-end customers regularly. Therefore, the Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Tesla Model, or any other top luxury cars entrusted to us are in safe hands. Whatever destination your classic car needs to reach within the United States, we will get it there in the same conditional state you handed it over to us. 

Tips to Know for Your Classic Car Transport 

1. Select the right vehicle transport service and avoid booking at the last minute. It will help you eliminate the stress and save time. 

2. As soon as you have booked transportation for your classic car, you will need to prepare it for the pickup. Such preparation includes but is not limited to removing attachments, disabling alarms, testing your emergency brake, washing your car, and so on. 

3. Another noteworthy thing to consider is to choose adequate insurance coverage for your classic car. You may get familiar with the auto transport company’s insurance policy to find out what it covers and what it doesn’t, in the case of an accident. If necessary, arrange additional insurance coverage as here you deal with a top-of-the-line car that requires special care. Ask every question you might have and have everything clarified for you.

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