The Worst Holidays to Drive Across the U.S.

The Worst Holidays to Drive Across the U.S.
Published on November 17, 2022

Everyone in the U.S. waits for the holidays to spend quality time with family and friends; it’s a time for gatherings and celebrations. The last thing you want on the holidays is to waste your time stuck in traffic or get into an accident while travelling to meet your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to plan your travel and take extra precautions to ensure nothing goes wrong.

We combined a list of the worst holidays to drive across the country, in addition to some tips to avoid accidents or surprises.


Despite being the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas also brings some of the worst road conditions in America. The combination of heavy traffic and bad weather can make for a miserable drive — especially when you’re trying to get home for the holidays.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that tens of millions will travel at least 50 miles from home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day during the holiday season. Moreover, the agency estimates that we’ll spend more than $1 trillion on our travels during this period — an average of $2,600 per person!

New Year’s Eve.

The night before New Year’s Eve is typically one of the busiest times of the year on American roads, with more than half a million extra vehicles on the road compared to an average day. Many people will drive home after ringing in the new year at parties and gatherings. When you throw icy roads and drunk drivers into the mix, it’s no surprise that New Year’s Eve. is a dangerous day on American highways.

Memorial Day weekend

The Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer in the U.S. — and with it comes lots of traffic on the roads; that’s not just on the highways but also on city streets. If you’re flying out after work on Friday evening or getting home late Saturday night, you may want to take an alternate route or leave early to avoid traffic jams altogether.

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend marks many people’s last chance to get away before school starts again and families settle into the fall routine. Traffic volume rises significantly during this holiday weekend, making it one of the most congested times to drive across the country.

July Fourth

July fourth is another busy holiday for travellers since many take long weekends off from work or school to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. This makes driving during July fourth even more challenging than usual; not only do people want to get out on the road early but there are also likely to be many extra tourists visiting cities and towns along major highways during this time!

How to Survive the Holiday Travel Safely

If you plan to drive across the country during the holidays, here are some tips to help ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Travel Early or Late in the Day

It is best to leave early or late at night when fewer people are on the road, and this will help reduce traffic congestion and increase your safety while driving.

Set Your Schedule Ahead of Time

Plan your route to know where you will stop and how long it will take. Moreover, if you’re going to drive for long hours, check available hotels and gas stations to be well-prepared before leaving.

Choose Your Route Wisely

If possible, avoid major highways during peak travel times like weekends or holidays when traffic can get congested quickly due to accidents or construction work along certain roadways.

Check Your Vehicle Before You Go

Getting help with car maintenance might not be easy during holidays like regular days. If your car needs repairs, get them done before going on a long trip. It will help prevent accidents or other problems while driving.

Avoid Driving at Night

Although night driving may be less stressful than heavy traffic during peak travel, it can also be more dangerous due to reduced visibility and slower driver response times. If you must drive at night, adjust the brightness of your headlights and turn on your high-beam lights.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

No need to emphasize how dangerous it is to drive too fast at any time of the year and holidays make things worse, especially with lots of traffic and an increased number of drunk drivers.

Hire An Auto Transport Company

If your holiday plans include travelling across the country, it’s recommended to avoid driving yourself through this busy time of the year. Better to have your car shipped with an auto transport company straight to your desired destination.

However, remember that you might not be able to get your car shipped if you wait so long before scheduling your shipment, especially during the peak holiday season.

Tempus Logix is a professional auto transport company you can trust with your vehicle move across the states. The company has a vast network of seasoned drivers and various types of carriers to suit all needs at any time of the year.


The holidays are a time of happiness and celebration, but they can also be stressful for many people. As we rush to get presents, travel, and spend time with family, it’s important to remember to drive safely.

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