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Open Hauler Types for Our Customers’ Knowledge and Insight

With this post, we intend to give general information about the types of open trailers for moving a car. Not to flood the article with a tremendous amount of information about car trailers and heavy equipment trailers, we decided to present information separately for open, enclosed, and heavy equipment trailers.

Open Car Haulers

  • Trailers that transport one car — single vehicle (hotshot) trailer

A trailer of this type usually has dual rear wheels and couples to a truck.  Commercially, drivers of single-vehicle haulers transport one car at a time for short distances; and for long distances, we mostly use them for special expedited orders.

  • Trailers that transport more than one car on one level hauler — single-level multi-car trailer

Hotshot truckers operate these types of trailers as well, especially for a fit of 2 to 5 cars on a single level hauler typically with two or three axles. For the first and second category of trailers, Hotshots use class 3,4, and 5 trucks which are medium trucks with their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ranging from 14,000 to 19,500 lbs to do the moving. We use these haulers for both long and short distances regularly. For obvious reasons, the loading and unloading time is shorter compared with the third types of trailers on our list.

  • Trailers that transport multiple cars on a multi-level hauler — multi-level multi-car trailer

Multi-level multi-car trailers do the most of transporting nationally. They are the most common types of haulers in the auto transport business. Heavy trucks pull trailers with different shapes and sizes that are capable of transporting up to nine cars (the legal limit is 80,000 pounds for any freight). Typically, double-decked, they have rather very creative ways of arranging cars and delivering them safely to their destinations.

All three types of open car haulers have their own kind. For example, for single and multiple car trailers on one level carrier may be gooseneck, tilt, flatbed, or wedge types. Of course, the list does not stop there. There are a multitude of manufactures that make haulers, and they make them the way they think is the most reliable and effective method for transporting a car.

Tempus Logix works with drivers who move cars by all the types of trailers mentioned. As auto transport professionals, we know all of the haulers our carriers operate. When we are processing an order, we make inquiries about the open haulers they use to transport our customers’ cars. In other words, we have a stringent vetting process when choosing transporters.