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Tips for a Smooth Car Shipping Experience

Tips for a Smooth Experience

Certain steps must be taken to transport a car from one location to another. Initially, clients start by choosing a reliable auto transport company to go with, and they book their vehicles’ shipments. The vehicle is then picked up, hauled, and delivered to the desired destination.

Nevertheless, customers should be aware of essential preparations when retrieving their transported cars during the final phase. This article provides tips for a smooth auto-shipping experience and guides readers on what to expect upon picking up their shipped cars.

Tips for a smooth auto shipping experience

Having a smooth experience when picking up the shipped vehicles requires considering these simple tips from the beginning of the auto transport process.

Hire a professional auto transport company

Many car owners contract with unprofessional car shipping companies and eventually regret it. Hiring an experienced auto transporter saves time, money, and effort. It guarantees quality pick-up and drop-off operations and continuous follow-up along the way. As a result, clients can rest easy knowing that their cars are in the care of skilled auto haulers who will ensure timely and damage-free deliveries.

Therefore, hiring a quality service provider is the first tip for easy auto shipping. Tempus Logix has been in the auto shipping industry for over eight years and has shipped more than 45,000 vehicles across the United States. The company has thousands of client reviews online and an average 4.9/5 rating on Google and Facebook, as well as being one of the best auto shipping companies on BBB.

Ask about the company’s auto-shipping policies and guidelines

Inquiring about the company’s policies in advance enables customers to understand what they can anticipate from the company during the auto-shipping process, including the responsibilities of both parties.

Taking things for granted is not a good approach because it might disappoint clients or cause issues for the auto transporter. It is crucial for customers to adhere to the guidelines established by the auto shipping company when picking up their car.

Document the car’s condition before shipping

Proper documentation is essential to ensure a hassle-free auto shipping experience, as it provides evidence of the vehicle’s condition before shipping. This is particularly useful in checking for any possible car damage during transportation once the customer receives it.

Therefore, customers should take high-resolution pictures of their vehicles from different angles to determine if the damage spotted on the shipped cars is old or new.

What to do when the car arrives at its new destination?

When a shipped car arrives at its drop-off location, the client has to confirm its arrival and inspect its status before signing the bill of lading.

Confirming the car’s arrival

Clear communication is a critical part of the auto-shipping process to avoid misunderstandings that could delay the process or mislead customers. Clients should be prepared to receive a call around the expected delivery date and time. They should make time to receive their vehicles under the delivery instructions provided by the company.

Inspecting the car

Once customers arrive to pick up their cars, they should conduct vehicle inspections, similar to the inspection made by customers and the carrier driver before shipping. The shipped cars are inspected again to compare their condition before and after shipping and check for potential damage.

However, there are a few helpful tips for customers when inspecting cars. First, they should check for cosmetic damage from the car’s inside and outside. Then, customers are advised to start the vehicle to ensure that the car is not exposed to mechanical damage while in transit. Also, car owners should check the car’s undercarriage and the odometer’s reading.

Furthermore, if the car is delivered at night, car owners should consider bringing a flashlight to examine the car in the dark. It is worth noting that clients only have one chance to inspect the car, which is upon delivery. Hence, they should examine it thoroughly and report any spotted damage immediately since most auto transport companies refuse to take responsibility for any damages after the customer confirms receiving the car.

Finalizing the transaction

Once car owners and the carrier driver finalize inspecting the shipped cars and owners accept their vehicles, the shipping process is done. By this stage, customers pay the due bill and sign the Bill of Lading, which states all the auto shipping details.

What if the damage is spotted on the shipped vehicles?

If car owners find any damage, they should report it to the auto transport company immediately. Owners should file a claim with the auto transport company to obtain reimbursement for the damage value. Filing a claim within 24 hours of identifying the damage is recommended. Additionally, car owners should ensure they only sign the bill of lading (BOL) after documenting the car damages in the BOL.


While auto transportation might seem daunting, it’s a smooth process when both clients and auto transporters follow the guidelines and communicate properly.

Tempus Logix has a professional team of customer support agents and contracts with over 25,000 seasoned drivers and auto shipping carriers nationwide. The company strives to provide quality services and ensure all clients have an elite auto shipping experience.

Reading the online reviews thousands have left on various platforms is enough proof of the quality service Tempus Logix provides.

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