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Transportation of Luxury Cars

Luxury Car Transportation

When you drive like a pro, you have to ship your vehicle like a pro!

This chapter is for the ones who know the real price of their beloved vehicle. When shipping a luxury vehicle, it is essential to know all the ropes about the shipment process and the company which is in charge of everything. Here are seven simple tips to guide you through the toughest process of having your car shipped from one state to another.

Tip 1. Find a car shipping company you can trust

Congratulations! You have found one who has experience in auto shipping. Trucking a car is what we’ve been doing for a long time now.  Let’s jump to the next one!

Tip 2. Thoroughly inspect your vehicle

You need to know the vehicle like the back of your hand. During the shipment process, especially in the case of luxury models, every single detail is important. The company, as well as the driver, needs to be informed about all the oddities of your vehicle so it is taken proper care of.

Tip 3.  Choose the type of auto transportation: Enclosed or Open trailer

As simple as ABC: Ask for enclosed vehicle transport. It is not a secret that enclosed trailers maintain better safety for the vehicles which are being shipped. In this case, our company will choose the type of enclosed trailer that is more suitable for the exact model of your vehicle by choosing between the trailers of various car movers.

Tip 4. Let us know the most convenient schedule for the shipment

It is more than appreciated when you tell us the availability of the vehicle. The time and date of the pickup and delivery are more than important. When the exact information is provided you won’t even notice how the car was picked up or delivered to your location (in a good way, that is). You should especially be there for vehicle delivery to inspect the car for yourself.

Tip 5. Get a quote for the car shipping

When all the details are provided our automatic car shipping calculator will give you an estimate of how much the shipment is going to cost. In other words a vehicle shipping quote.
You might ask yourself “How much can the moving of my car really cost?”

After our professional bidding team reviews it you will be given an exact price of transportation. Car shipping rates may vary, that’s why we don’t advise booking your vehicle transport months in advance. As soon as you accept the car transport quote leave the rest to us. We work with a big network of car moving companies and will get you the best auto transport services.  Ship your car with us and we’ll give you the car shipping services your car deserves.

Tip 6. Make sure to provide the contact information of pick-up and delivery locations

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that information about your vehicle shipping matters nowadays. As the connection is maintained by phone or email by the company as well as the auto carrier, they surely need to have the phone numbers and emails of those who can be contacted regarding the shipment to make your vehicle’s shipping goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip 7.  Sit back and relax

With all of this said the shipment of your vehicle is in safe hands, when you know the price of your vehicle, we do too!

We know the cost to transport your car and our auto transport services will leave you satisfied!

We always provide insurance information on the auto shipping companies per our customers’ requests.

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