Ultimate Preparations for the 2022 Holidays

Ultimate Preparations for the 2022 Holidays
Published on October 17, 2022 at 7:41 am GMT

Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon, and families around the states are about to gather to celebrate these legendary, symbolic days. But to make that happen most smoothly, Tempus Logix’s team has targeted its efforts to achieve clients’ satisfaction.

Auto Shipping Operational Instructions

Tempus Logix, with its connections with many carriers and transporters around the US, has now activated the alter mode and is ready to receive orders from clients around the nation. 

The company’s operational management issued a list of instructions to customer service agents to be fully ready during the holidays seasons:

  1. Be prepared to work under pressure for the next two months and expect a double or triple increase in monthly auto-shipping orders.
  2. Collaborate at all costs to ensure punctual delivery for all Tempus Logix clients until the end of the year.
  3. Touch base with auto shipping carriers of all types across the states and ensure they’re all ready to handle orders when needed.
  4. Explain all circumstances to clients and inform them about potential delays according to their preferred shipping dates. You have to gently tell clients that more and more people are scheduling their vacation and vehicle transportation to different areas in the US; that’s why pickup and delivery schedules get crowded.
  5. Recommend early shipping for clients as much as possible to avoid unwanted delays due to road conditions and peak season.
  6. Don’t save a chance to offer college students, men, and women in uniform and returning clients exclusive discounts. 
  7. Utilize our new AI-based auto shipping cost calculator and ask our clients to use it themselves to cut time and estimate fees.

Read more about Artificial Intelligence Car Shipping Calculator.

 “We wish our clients happy holidays, understand their needs, and try to structure our team to meet their expectations and provide them the service they strive for, especially in such times of the year.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

We Promise Not to Let You Down

Whenever our auto transport agents are away for some reason, the AI-based auto-shipping cost calculator provides a non-stop service and accurate pricing for all vehicle shipping requests.

Moreover, we never compromise service quality at Tempus Logix, no matter how excessive the demand is. Our discounts are valid and available all year round, whether it’s peak season or not.

Tempus Logix is one of the top, most trustworthy auto shipping companies in the USA market. Having been operating since 2018 and successfully transporting over 30,000 vehicles qualifies the company as a top player in the industry. 

The Better Business Bureau has accredited Tempus Logix with an A+ rating based on over 500 reviews; the company also has a BBB customer review score of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

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