3 Tips for Car Shipping After an Accident

3 Tips for Car Shipping After an Accident
Published on August 26, 2021

Whether you are shipping your working car or a damaged (unsalvageable) car after an accident, the first thing you want to do is look for a reliable, reputable, and affordable auto transport company. While you may find similarities between these two situations dealing with transport companies, there are some differences and tips to be aware of before hiring one to do the job.

The first thing to do after an accident

If you can get quick car shipping quotes and an online booking for operable cars, you’d need more time to ship inoperable ones. Having a call with the company representative will help you check if they provide salvage vehicle shipping and learn more about their services.

Before the pick-up day, make sure you empty all the remaining fluids and leave no personal items in it. Most importantly, you’ll need to arrange everything beforehand with your car insurance company. Only after that, contact auto transport.

Need of special equipment

Unlike most cases, the shipment of non-working cars is more than loading the car onto the track and unloading it once it has arrived at its destination. Carriers need special equipment to transport inoperable vehicles. In many cases, the forklift is the type of equipment required for loading and unloading cars that are not functioning.

Not every carrier has such equipment or a wish to deal with salvage car transportation as it requires some procedures to follow. In cases like that, they will either refuse your shipping or contract with other transport companies that provide shipping for salvage cars.

In any case, note that applying for special equipment may require some additional time due to these peculiarities.

Higher costs

Don’t be surprised to get higher service costs for shipping damaged cars. Most of the transport companies will provide you with quotes with some additional fees.

The fee depends on the necessary equipment for the shipment, the distance and locations, the size of your car, the transportation complexity, etc. All mentioned will affect cost. If your vehicle has structural damages, this may make the loading and unloading process hard as well. So be prepared for an extra charge here too.

The higher cost of shipping for inoperable cars also derives from the professionalism and experience of the drivers. The truck drivers for such equipment are specially trained and know how to deal with the damaged vehicle loading and unloading process. Sometimes the operation may be dangerous for the truck driver’s safety, so having special training and experience on forklifts or other equipment is mandatory.

To get an accurate quote from a transport company, you need to describe all of your vehicle’s details and the current condition, damaged parts, or dysfunctional systems. The representative of a car transport company will also need to learn if you still have gas in your car tank or if there is any fluid left. Also, tell them if the vehicle brakes or not.

Being as detailed as possible about the vehicle with the transport company will prevent misunderstandings. You will not get in a situation when the trucker shows up with equipment that is not helpful for your car shipment. In such cases, some companies will hold you on for some more time until the equipment is ready for it. However, other companies may charge you the whole amount or your deposit for the shipping service that didn’t happen.

In any event, the foremost thing before dealing with a vehicle shipping after an accident is finding a reliable transport company that has good ratings and expertise, like Tempus Logix. You can also contact us to get a quote or use our online calculator.

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