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Auto Shows Throughout the US

Auto Shows Throughout the US

From the beginning of time, rituals and rites attracted the masses. They had many meanings and purposes of social significance. As time went by, the ceremony diverged from sacred importance to entertainment, and yet it kept the original intent of aiding societal dynamics. Nearly every industry has its devotees, and the automotive industry is no exception. Auto shows are public exhibitions visited by vehicle lovers interested in seeing the newest automotive advancements and fancy vintage classics. Motorheads and car nuts enthralled by the tradition of attending auto shows several times a year can get into zealous conversations. Moreover, people of all ages and genders, including those indifferent to automobiles, will always find a reason to frequent such exciting events. After all, cars play an indispensable role in virtually any modern household.

The First Car Show

In 1900, Madison Square Garden in New York City hosted the inaugural automotive display in the United States. The so-called Horseless Horse Show lasted seven days, featuring 31 cutting-edge rides and a selection of accessories, all owned by 66 participants. One of them was Ransom Eli Olds, the man who built the first-ever operational automotive assembly line and the manufacturer of the Curved Dash, the very first mass-produced car. Visiting such a progressive event has cost 50 cents a ticket, which is roughly 14 dollars in 2021 currency. Despite the exorbitant fees, more than 10,000 people attended the exciting event.

Activities in Auto Shows

Nowadays, there is much more to a car show than simply marveling at the newly invented machinery. You can sit in a great variety of vehicles in every price range, designed by leading companies. Brand experts will tell you about the latest innovations and answer questions regarding the prices and characteristics of their products, which are sometimes available for purchase straight from the exhibition. Another feature that, by the way, is yet impossible online is taking a test drive. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of vehicles for test-driving. The process is usually quite simple, requiring no additional paperwork other than a driver’s license. Those who don’t have one, like our youngsters, won’t be left behind either! Thanks to modern technology, they can feel the joy of using full-size driver simulators surrounded by giant screens, providing a truly immersive experience. All that helps you make a wise decision on purchasing a new ride or get a better idea of the automotive industry.

The Most Popular Auto Shows

The number of different auto shows throughout the nation is overwhelming. To name a few that are the most fascinating. The Chicago Auto Show, running since 1901, is the largest in the United States. It typically occurs in mid-January at McCormick Place, a convention center on the Near South Side of Chicago covering 1.2 million square feet. Next is the North American International Auto Show (or the Detroit Auto Show). Can you imagine? This one has been held every year since 1907, excluding ten years during World War II, when manufacturers concentrated more on making vehicles for the military. Finally, the San Francisco International Auto Show, known to be the largest one in North Carolina and the second largest in the Western US, in 1958, was used as a protest against banning foreign car dealers from participating in local North American motor shows. After some rebel enthusiasts came together, the Import Car Show was created and renamed in 1982. It seems clear enough how amusing car shows are. Technically, you could visit one every month or so, being able to live in a world full of extraordinary vehicles. So if the goal is to purchase a car or become an exhibitor, contacting Tempus Logix to ship your motor vehicle(s) would be a wise decision. We will help with auto transportation in no time to virtually any spot in the US.

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