Auto Transport FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you are thinking about hiring a car shipping company to transport your vehicle, and this is your first time you transport a car, then you probably have many questions about it. We have put together these frequently asked questions on auto transport service. If your question is not one of our auto transport FAQs, please contact us, we are just an email or phone call away. We want to help you make an informed choice when you’re ready to book your auto transport order.

Distance is a huge factor in calculating the cost of a shipment of a vehicle. Prices differ considering distances, locations and seasons, but with Tempus Logix you can rest assure as we make sure to provide the best prices to satisfy our clients.

Makes and models of vehicles play a big role on prices, as the carrier needs to know the nature of the vehicle, to best assist with the shipment and provide the best of services. Higher and wider vehicles need certain types of carriers to be moved, as well as modified or specifically engineered vehicles require experienced and specialized transporters to assure the safe transportation of the vehicle, which in terms plays a role on the final price and cost of car shipment.

It is very important to choose the correct type of transportation for your vehicle. Where open auto transport may be the cheapest way to have your vehicle moved, it won’t always be the best choice depending on the car in question.

With enclosed car transport on the other hand, your vehicle is transported in a fully-enclosed trailer which provides a safe and secure environment for vehicles during transportation. It is more expensive as assures safety from the elements, and professionalism at its finest.

Operability of a vehicle also has its toll on pricing and is a major factor as to how much more it would cost to have the shipment moved, vehicles with incapability of steering, rolling or breaking require more labor hours to load and unload and also more attention, as the smallest mishap or mistake could lead to many unintended damages both to the vehicle itself and others beside it.

When pricing shipments for our customers all aspects mentioned above are taken into consideration to assure our customers not only will have the cheapest prices on the market, but also to assure they are honest prices and will not infer false promises and headaches to our clients.

Tempus Logix’s team works around the clock to ensure a satisfying transaction with its customers. Our clients decide the time in which to have their motor vehicles moved, and from that point on, the target dates become our priority to satisfy the pick-up day. However, we set timeframes to give carriers a chance to meet their pick-up and delivery schedules. Also, time frames are necessary after booking to find the best-fit trailers for the specific freight and accomplish the perfect logistics. This window of time, either way, is beneficial for all the parties involved. For customers, it can save money if the desired time is farther in the future. Nevertheless, our auto transport company does provide expedited services for its patrons. We do work with hotshots to get everything moving as speedily as possible in the industry.

BOL stands for the Bill of Lading, which means a bill of loading. It is essential paperwork that contains the necessary information for the carriers and shippers alike before the loading and after the unloading of the motor vehicles. On this document, the carriers upon the arrival for the pick-up record all the information about the cargo: vehicle type, its destination, delivery time, and the names of drivers and the shippers. Also, in it, the person who picks up the freight jots down the condition after examining it, so when the customers receive their property, they can see if it is the same way they have shipped it. If some happen to the cargo, the carriers’ insurance immediately reimburses our clients because BOL will show and prove the damages.

Tempus Logix always provides its customers ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). It is a timeframe in which vehicles will reach their destinations. In most cases, the carriers drop off the freight either earlier than/or on the last day mentioned in the ETA, but there are times when ETA changes. The changes are always due to situations that are out of anybody’s hands, meaning traffic, weather, closure of the roads, etc. ETA changes are never due to our carriers lacking. We always keep our clients updated when ETA changes, and we always tell them why it is so.

When customers book an order with us to transport their vehicles from/to auction lots, our drivers need authorization. The customers authorize the carriers through a form called Gate Pass. In the Gate Pass, the cars’ VINs are always present because the drivers need to identify the cargo they pick up. In some cases, auction lots require additional authorization before releasing vehicles. For example, some cars have liens on them, so carriers will need a notarized letter from the lienholder(s), allowing the transportation to take place. These documents are specific to auction lots and ports. Please note that when we process an order, we guide our clients through all the formalities. We get everything ordered for our customers as quickly as possible. Once our customers make a quote with us, we do the set up in no time. These are simple paperwork that we generate along with other standard documents, such as BOL and Delivery Order.

After the booking is complete and all the information needed is forwarded to our dispatch teams, all you have to do is sit back and relax, as our team is working around the clock to assist you with your shipment, and as soon as a carrier who can accommodate your shipment is assigned we will contact you for further assistance.

Delays might be caused due to multiple reasons, varying from natural disasters, weather difficulties, and/or holiday seasons. As such your vehicle might have some issues being moved due to the difficulties on the route, to compensate such issues, price change or rescheduling might resolve matters.