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Can I Ship a Classic Car That’s Not Working?

Can I Ship a Classic Car That's Not Working?

Whether you are a classic car collector or want to get hold of your dream car, you’re probably concerned about how you can move your non-running classic from point A to point B without getting it damaged. From elegant Model A to gorgeous Chevy Bel Air, Tempus Logix will help you transport your prized vehicle all across the US. We transport hundreds of luxury vehicles each person-day, especially with vintage and classic cars being some of the favored.

How to Ship a Non-Running Classic Car Safely?

There are two popular ways to transport your vehicle cross-country: either using open-air or enclosed auto trailers. However, when speaking of shipping a rare or high-end vehicle, we strongly encourage opting for enclosed auto transport as we understand the importance and value of such cars. Choosing an enclosed trailer to ship your classic car safe and sound is always a good idea to add more protection against weather or other road hazards that could damage your luxury vehicle. With that in mind, Tempus Logix offers a hassle-free auto shipping experience in your best interest.

Proper Equipment to Transport a Non-Driving Classic Car

To keep your classic ride safe and have your car shipped in peak condition, you need more research and extra preparation. When choosing an auto shipping company, you need to ensure whether it owns the necessary equipment to ship your car without damaging it. Apart from having special equipment such as an electric winch and pulley system to haul a non-running classic vehicle, a shipper also needs to have wheel nets and nylon straps as metallic ropes or chains may easily scratch the car paint. Please be informed that standard auto transport trailers don’t come with such hauling equipment; meanwhile, most companies specializing in classic car transport will almost always have one in stock.

Non-Driving Classic Cars Need Special Attention During Shipping

Classic cars are usually a valued possession for the vehicle owner, as they are apt to be delicate and challenging to repair because of hard-to-find replacement parts. Restoring a classic car using new auto parts may cause a considerable price drop and disrupt the original condition. Therefore, it’s essential to find a reliable carrier with the necessary equipment and a good track record of safely transporting classic cars. With this in mind, Tempus Logix already has the drivers selected with care to manage these responsible missions.

Ship Your Classic Car with a Reliable Company!

If you run into difficulties transporting your non-running classic car, Tempus Logix will help you ship your vehicle quickly and safely. We are here to make your car transport hassle-free and provide you peace of mind. We know that having your classic car shipped is quite stressful, and the stress doubles when you own an extremely rare or high-end vehicle. However, with Tempus Logix, you have nothing to worry about, as our rich experience in classic car transport enables us to ship your premium car to your front door at its top shape once you choose to opt for our door-to-door service.

Problems You May Encounter During Classic Car Transport

You may experience many difficulties while shipping your classic car nationwide, such as late delivery, incorrect quote, off-route destinations, or poor communications. However, the most catastrophic mishap that may occur during incompetent and inexperienced auto haulers remains the damage to your vehicle, particularly if you own a rare or ultra-expensive car. Nonetheless, if you don’t haste to ship your automobile with just any auto shipping company, you won’t have to worry about car damage or any other mentioned problem.

Insurance for Non-Running Classic Cars Having cargo insurance for shipping companies, including carriers specializing in classic car transport, is a legal requirement. However, on the other hand, the insurance coverage may vary by company. For example, if you chose to transport a vintage vehicle worth $1 million or more, you would most certainly exceed the carrier’s included coverage limit. In this case, the insurance policy will not cover your car damage in full. As a result, transporting your antique automobile with a professional logistics organization, such as Tempus Logix, that can manage a feat like this is always worthwhile.

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