Why Shouldn’t You Trust Very Cheap Car Shipping Quotes

Why Shouldn’t You Trust Very Cheap Car Shipping Quotes
Published on February 3, 2023 at 10:20 pm GMT

Whether transporting a car to visit new destinations, moving to a new city, or shipping a vehicle you bought online, the first thing to come to mind is how much the car transport process will cost. As with purchasing any service or product, we always seek competitive prices and quality services simultaneously.

Regarding car transport, look for the perfect balance between quality service and affordable cost. Generally, transporting a vehicle requires planning a generous budget. So, if you come across car shipping quotes too good to be true, you better consider that a red flag.

In this article, we will discuss several matters concerning car shipping quotes, from explaining what determines auto shipping rates, why request car shipping quotes, and what goes behind unusually cheap auto shipping costs.

What determines auto transport rates?

No fixed amount of money can determine the cost of shipping a vehicle across the United States. Auto transport service prices vary according to different factors, which we will present in this section.


Moving vehicles for long distances results in expensive auto shipping quotes. It’s because auto shipping companies have costs associated with moving a car from point A to point B, and the shorter the distance is, the less it costs to move the vehicle.


The determining factor is whether someone chooses a door-to-door car shipping service or a terminal-to-terminal one. Of course, door-to-door services are more expensive, where the car hauler will pick it up from its original address and drop it off at the new given address or to the nearest possible point.

On the other hand, the terminal-to-terminal service is cheaper as the transported car will be picked up and dropped off at the terminal set by the company.

Transport type

There are two types of auto transport: open and enclosed, and deciding the type of car transport affects the ultimate cost. While open auto transport is cheaper, more common, and more economical, enclosed auto transport promises a safer and more convenient car shipping experience. However, it is estimated that enclosed auto transport is around 30% higher in cost than open one.

Vehicle type

Car shipping quotes differ depending on the transported vehicle’s type, make, model, size, and weight. Heavier and bigger vehicles, such as a Range Rover, take up more space on a carrier, costing more than transporting a smaller car.

The vehicle’s conditions also affect the overall shipment price since it requires special equipment for loading and unloading if it is a very old or inoperable car.


When transporting a vehicle during peak times, especially in the summer or the holidays, the costs will be higher due to the heavy demand for car hauling services. Meanwhile, car transport companies will offer competitive shipping prices when the request is low, as they need to fill the empty spaces in their carriers.

Also, booking vehicle transportation services in advance will save considerable money. It’s more affordable than booking last-minute car shipments or asking for expedited car hauling services.

Why request car shipping quotes, and how to get them?

It is always advised to request several auto shipping quotes from more than one auto shipping company to compare services and prices. Entertaining different price offers helps clients estimate the costs, so they can find ways to cut and align expenses with their budget.

Moreover, approaching several car shipping companies increases the chances of stumbling upon offer bargains or discounts. Finally, requesting car shipping quotes can help avoid unexpected costs that customers usually regret not having asked about in advance.

How to get a car shipping quote?

There are several possible ways for reputable auto shipping companies to provide auto shipping quotes for their clients:

  1. Provide an online form on their websites for clients to fill out and get quotes later
  2. Offer accurate auto-shipping quotes over the phone by talking to a customer support agent
  3. Implement advanced quote calculators that yield instant quotes for free without asking for personal information

Tempus Logix has recently implemented a cutting-edge online calculator to provide instant and accurate auto-shipping quotes for website visitors.

Why not trust very cheap shipping quotes?

While low-cost car shipping quotes can be tempting, such quotes might be given in compensation for critical norms the company doesn’t conform. Auto shipping companies offering very low prices might have appalling track records, for example:

  1. Dealing with unqualified carriers
  2. Providing bad insurance coverage
  3. Contracting with inexperienced drivers or unlicensed ones
  4. Not following safety measures when loading and unloading cars

Sometimes, these companies trick customers into making a deal by not mentioning additional fees until delivery time, and the overall cost is as expensive as other quotes.

That is why it is always advised to choose a seasoned and qualified auto shipping company like Tempus Logix over doubtful companies offering enticing quotes. Tempus Logix boasts reliable safety records and proper USDOT licenses and deals with experienced drivers.

Tempus Logix’s satisfied customers and reviews on various rating platforms prove the quality of its services. Besides, the company offers competitive auto shipping quotes in terms of services and pricing.

Though car shipping costs might be expensive sometimes, make sure never to compromise quality for lower prices. A car is one valuable asset that should be only entrusted to a reputable vehicle-hauling agency.

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